sirens - david dobrik by acciomoon
sirens - david dobrikby acciomoon
that story where sophia's world gets turned around by the goofiest smile on the internet. "why the fuck does the night always end in sirens dobrik?" "caus...
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Lost Boy ~Colby Brock~  by Lone_Wolf_Ludlow
Lost Boy ~Colby Brock~ by April ludlow
He was a lost boy who never made it to Neverland. "Colby please let's go."I whined. His breathing is heavy and shallow. I have never been more scared in my li...
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MORE / David Dobrik by smalltalker
MORE / David Dobrikby Maria
More than friends
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d.d imagines  by sleepwalkingat2am
d.d imagines by UwU
david dobrik imagines bc i have big UwUs for him [lowercase intended bc it's a e s t h e t i c]
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My Secret Twin Sister//Emma Chamberlain + Dolan Twins +James Charles by sarahkiley
My Secret Twin Sister//Emma kiley
Annabelle Laken is just another small, but slowly growing influencer... what happens when Emma Chamberlain stumbles upon one of her videos, and notices how identical the...
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The Party Girl // Zane Hijazi by vlogsquadstoriez
The Party Girl // Zane Hijaziby vlogsquadstoriez
Bryn Mitchell Meyers is a 21 year old Boston born college drop out. She moved to LA after realizing she didn't want to pursue the career her parents chose for her. No f...
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youtube royalty [david dobrik] by aIwaysbored
youtube royalty [david dobrik]by liz
"you aren't a fucking king dobrik, don't expect me to bow down to you." "don't flatter yourself. your opinion doesn't hurt me because nobody cares what y...
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Wonder // Daddy! d.h by deadambitions
Wonder // Daddy! d.hby 🌸 Lari 🌸
Y/N Y/L/N had previously been in a five-year relationship with Dan Howell, who is commonly known for his shared radio show and YouTube channel, "danisnotonfire"...
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Little Boss Sisterplier (Jacksepticeye x Reader) by KippyKasey
Little Boss Sisterplier ( Casey
Mark's younger sister moves in with him and starts a new chapter of her life filled with excitement, romance, and adventure. This description is really bad I apologize.
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Baby, baby. {D. D.} by urmomzchesthair
Baby, baby. {D. D.}by kevin from AP
"Watch my baby, keep her safe. Claim her as your own. Is that too much to ask?" He rolls his eyes at me, the small child bouncing happily in his lap. The baby'...
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Rowan •david dobrik• by IDreamOfJuly
Rowan •david dobrik•by PrestigousWill
disclaimer: I have nothing against Liza & David. Their relationship is the most adorable thing in the world. There's just not many fics about David with anyone else &quo...
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My Favourite YouTubers | BTS | by yoonminislifeu1
My Favourite YouTubers | BTS |by ❤
Jimin was a small YouTuber with only 3k subscribers, but when his favourite YouTube channel BangtanTV (5 million subscribers) puts out a vacancy for a new member his who...
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Hotel Room #239 by alli_love4021
Hotel Room #239by alli
Two YouTubers from two different countries. They have never thought of each other more than best friends. But what happens when they have to share the same hotel room? W...
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shane & friends » a.s by lost-inorbit
shane & friends » a.sby cøøl dad
"I was put in the back of a police car one time." "Stupidity's not a crime, so he was free to go."
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kiss marry kill | g.d by xxJessTheFangirlxx
kiss marry kill | g.dby jess
Who knew a simple game of kiss marry kill could change everything. ******* When Adylin Ross, a YouTuber with over 3 million subscribers, posts a kiss marry kill video...
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Septiplier One Shots (Smut) by CastielMyBabyLucifer
Septiplier One Shots (Smut)by Connor, the android sent by C...
A collection of Septiplier Smut one shots ^w^
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Brothers Best Friend *a Colby Brock fanfic* (COMPLETED) by colby_brockkk
Brothers Best Friend *a Colby colby_brockkk
Morgan is Brennen's twin sister and she falls for his best friend Colby.
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MATCH MADE // David Dobrik by lostindobrik
MATCH MADE // David Dobrikby 𝙲 𝙾 𝚄 𝚁 𝚃
After David and Liza broke up he was hurt even though they still remained friends. Now Liza is talking to someone else and David's out of luck. Trisha, wanting Jason to...
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Reported//Colby Brock love story// by peter_pans_lost_one
Reported//Colby Brock love story//by D E E Z N U T S
She was a YouTuber that had a Instagram with a huge audience. He wanted whatever she had. Alice posted a viral photo of a small YouTuber by the name of Colby Brock, ex...
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Daddy Grayson by ddolantuesdays
Daddy Graysonby Haley
Grayson Dolan. You're best friend. Who you so happen to have a crush on. He's strikingly gorgeous, dark, mysterious, caring, loving. Just the perfect mix of dominate and...
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