Chapter 3

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The room was utterly amazing. The walls were a deep burgundy red and had hints of gold features throughout the decorations,  it truly did look like it was meant for a royal family. It took a few minutes for me to grasp all that was held before me.  The room itself looked to be larger than the entire upper level of my old house. This was nothing like my old house nor my old bedroom. I was simple, I enjoyed simple things, this was not simple. This was too much, truly who would enjoy sleeping in a room such as this? The color of the walls made the room extremely dark and not very inviting. And the intricate marks of gold along the borders of the room made for an interesting view. It all seemed to be too much. 

I began walking around, taking in the room before me. My finger tips ran along the walls as I walked around it borders. I found the bathroom off to the corner of the room and it was equally over done. Though much more color appeasing for me, as it was white with gold accents. The shower was separate from the bath tub, and there were two sinks featured on the counter.  Next to the bathroom was another large wooden door that opened up into a small hallway. The hallway featured two extra doors down the right side. The first door opened up into a ridiculous size closet. A decently large couch set in the middle of room and I took notice that one half of the closet was empty, almost as if he expected someone to be moving their things in. I started to make my way to open the second door but was interrupted by Eric, who quietly led me back into the main area. 

In the center of the bedroom was an over sized bed, truly it was the largest I had ever seen in person. The frame was gold and the comforter was yet again another shade of red with way too many pillows on top. But the bed was inviting, after the day I have had I was ready to embrace sleep. I was ready to shut my brain off for just awhile. The furniture in the room appeared to be vintage, all a matching wood stain. This room was not me, not at all. 

I heard a chuckle come from behind me and it brought me back to the situation at hand. I turned around slowly to make eye contact with the man behind me. He truly is a beautiful man. But very often it seems that beautiful men turn out to be ugly people. The room was nice, not very much my taste, but I could appreciate the elegance of it. His chuckle made it almost seem as if I should be shocked by it all, as if the room was beyond my grasp. His face lit up with a smile and I suddenly forgot all the problems I had with this man. I wanted to come to him in that moment, to open up and let him in. But I wasn't that girl. Too many times I heard the story of the girl giving herself to the man simply because he was her mate and she didn't see a reason in waiting, and then she was stuck with a person she did not know and in a situation she could not escape. I would not be that girl. 

"Do you like our room? If you are unhappy with it I could easily make some changes to appease you. " His voice was deep and had almost an arrogance to it. But yet my body still found it attractive. I reacted to his words, I found myself reacting to him. 

"It is beautiful. A bit much for me, but still beautiful. But you do realize that I am not sleeping in here with you. I realize this is probably not what you were expecting, but I do not know you and you do not know me. For anything to happen here we need to change that."  My voice was quivering, and I took a few short breaths, trying to keep myself together. He made me nervous, he made me second guess myself. I started out so confident and by the end I was faltering. He nodded his head and slowly walked up to me, taking my hand in his, his eyes meeting mine. 

"I realize this is a lot for you, I am a stranger to you and this is a strange place. But I would like to sleep in here with you, nothing will happen tonight or any night until you feel ready. But in this house you belong to me, you belong with me, and that includes if you are awake or asleep. So tonight you will sleep in here with me." His voice was both soft and stern. And it pissed me off. Why is it always that the male mate feels entitled to his female partner? Does he believe that if he widens his eyes and makes them look softer, if he speaks to me softly, that I will understand and give in?

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