Chapter 25 - "The Wedding" Part 1

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When I woke up I turned in Eric's arms to face him and smiled when I saw him staring back at me.I just looked at him for a few minutes before all the memories of the night before hit me. I could feel tears sting my eyes.My very own mother had attacked me and came to kill me just because she was jealous of my mate? I probably would never understand why she did what she had done to me. I put all the bad memories of my mother behind me because today I had bigger things to worry about like maybe my wedding. My life truly would never be the same after today.I would finally be closer to Eric and I truly was more then excited to say I was the wife of Mr. Eric Mancet. I heard Eric chuckle softly at my side so I rose my face to look back up at him again.

"Excited much? I really don't think I've ever seen someone so calm on their wedding day!"Eric voice was just full of love and it made me ever more excited to be his.

"Why would I be anything but excited? I'm finally one step closer to be yours and there is nothing in this world that could make me any happier."He smiled and kissed me softly on my forehead.

"Well lets use all your excitement so you can get ready. My mom and sister are waiting for you down stairs.They are going to take you back to the house to get you ready and the beautician if already waiting for you there."

"Ok I Will go even though I hate leaving you but I guess I wont have to worry about that any more after today." He nodded kissing me on my lips full of love.

"Love you have fun getting ready. I will be waiting for you at the end of the aisle." I laughed raising up from the bed and started to head toward the door but not before I got another short kiss.

"I will be the one if the huge gown walking down the aisle. Love you!" I went out the and down the stairs to meet Eric's mom and sister.I saw them sitting at the kitchen table looking nervous.

"There you are we have been waiting for you. We need to go now so you can start to get ready." Eric's mom had hold of my hand as we went through the front door and headed out to the car.On the short ride there I found out that she already knew all about the things that had happened last night and she said that our room was already cleaned up so need to worry about anything.

As soon as I walked through the door I was rushed up the stairs and brought into my bedroom which had been cleaned completely up but now there was a huge station set up full of make up and enough things to fix my hair.I was set down in a chair and I had someone fixing my hair and the other working on my face. As they did their work I just set with my eyes closed and tried to just relax and think about the two things that made me happier then anything could. Eric and my babies. I just could not wait for me and Eric to have our family and have no worries in the world.The thought of Eric just made me smile cause I really cant believe how lucky I got with him. I remember when I first came to the pack house and was so made about being forced to mate with someone I didn't know. I know realize just how lucky I was to get away from the horrible home life that I had.

All the sudden I felt someone poking me shoulder and when I raised up and looked in the mirror there was a girl staring back at me that I had never seen before.Her hair was set up in beautiful Blonde curls that fell down around her chest and her hair just glowed. Her eyes were a vibrant blue that sparkled when she smiled.After a few seconds of staring at this mysterious girl I realized that she was me. I did not recognize myself and I never knew that I could ever look so beautiful. Honestly I never seen my face so clear and I never noticed that my eyes were so blue like a ocean.

"Oh My Gosh Alyson you look utterly beautiful. You really look like your not real."Eric's mom was standing behind me with small tears in her eyes as she jumped with excitement.

"Thank you so much for all of this." She just nodded as she fought tears. I raised up from my chair and Eric's mom and sister led me back into my closet to get my dress.I asked Eric's mom to take the place of my mother and to help me get my dress on. We slipped the dress gently over my head to make sure not to mess up my hair. We slipped on the garment that I was sure would embarrass the living crap out of me when Eric pulled it off. We put the small veil on top of my head and put my white shoes on. I turned when we were completely finished and looked in the mirror. I felt tiny tears in my eyes as I looked at myself and it finally hit me that I was a bride.

"Now dear don't cry and mess up all the work they have done." Eric's mom said with a smile. She helped me down the stairs and into the car since it was time to walk down the aisle. We drove up to the pack house and I could see at least 200 cars in our drive way which meant that everyone in the world was here. I felt little butterflies in my stomach and started to get nervous. When we pulled up to the house Eric's mom came to the back and helped me out of the car. She walked me to the back of the part where the wedding was set up to make sure no one could see me. I watched as my bridesmaids walked out including my Best Friend Becky who winked at me when she saw me.I turned and smiled when I saw the one person that I never would have imagined would be here. My father smiled at me and came to grab my arm.

"Did you actually think I wouldn't walk my own daughter down the aisle?" I shook my head as I felt more tears threatening to spill. All the sudden I heard the piano start and we stood in place so when the small doors that was set up opened we could take our turn down the aisle.

"You ready for this dear?" My father whispered in my ear.

"Never been any more ready for anything in my life!" I knew I meant every word I said as the doors opened and I saw the one face that I would see for the rest of my life.

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