Chapter 8

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My mouth dropped at the sight of the moon that was on my neck. At first I wasn't really sure it was there because it was so light. The moon was in the same spot Eric had made his mark last night. I gently ran my finger over it and moaned at the sensation that I felt.

Well I better make sure I cover this up or everyone will know what happened last night. I stepped out of the bathroom and went to my closet. I decided to wear a V-neck shirt with a scarf. I finished getting ready and went downstairs to get some breakfast.

Anna Eric's mom was sitting at the dinner table by herself. She looked up at me when I came in the room and smiled.

"Why don't you sit with me and eat since we haven't really got to talk." I smiled and sat down in the chair farthest from her."Don't worry about getting your food one of the maids will bring it in a minute." Well this was going to be awkward since I don't really know her or what to say.

"So what would you like to talk about." I smiled as I spoke.

"How have you and Eric been doing?" I got a little nervous cause I don't really know if I should tell her about us mating.

" We are doing great! I really enjoy being around him more than I ever thought I could. He is funny and sweet and we just get along great." She smiled pleased at what I had said and I instantly felt relief.

"I'm glad you guys are getting along. I worried myself to death because I was afraid you would not like Eric." Anna was so sweet. She honestly cared about me and Eric.

"No worries me and Eric have been fine." I was glad to see the maid bring my food because I was starving. I started eating my food not worrying about my manners.

"Have you and Eric started mating yet?"Anna's voice was excited. I froze and got choked on my food.

"Mom you can't ask questions that personal. You startled her so much she got choked." She laughed and apologized while Eric made his way in the room and checked to make sure I wasn't dying.He sat down in the chair next to mine and kissed my forehead gently.

"Are you ok?" Eric voice was slightly amused and he started laughing at the fact that I had got choked.

"I'm just fine thank you." I was slightly aggravated that he thought me getting choked was funny.

"I'm sorry for laughing." His voice was a serious tone but I refused to look at him. He grabbed my chin and forced me to turn and look at him."I am truly sorry." I could never stay mad at his beautiful face. I nodded lightly "OK." Anna excused herself and said she was finished eating.

"Where were you this Morin?" I asked curiously wondering why he left me alone.

"I had some Alpha business to deal with that you will hear about at the pack meeting this evening." My eyebrows raised wondering why we would be having a pack meeting.

"Alrighty I was just wondering." The rest of the moring we ate in a comfortable silence.

I raised to go back to the bedroom and Eric followed. I unlocked the door and laid my scarf on the bed. I turned to see Eric's lips in a smirk.

"Whats funny now?" He kept staring at my neck and he walked over to me slowly. He put his hand behind my neck and pulled his lips down kissing the mark. I moaned at the sensitive of the moon. He raised and looked at me.

"I like seeing my mark on your neck, because it finally means that you are almost completely mine."I smiled happy with the fact that I was his. He kissed my lips gently at first but then became harder with passion. He threw me down on the bed and laid on top of me still kissing my lips when he turned back to my neck. I moaned loudly and pulled Eric's body closer on mine.

All the sudden there was a knock on the door. Eric moved and looked at me before raising up and getting the door. I then realized that who ever was at the door probably heard my moans. My cheeks turned red when I saw, Jared standing there looking like he was embarrassed.

" Everyone is wondering why you aren't at the pack meeting." Eric turned to me and was looking frustrated.

"Crap I forgot what time it is. Come on Alyson." He came and grabbed my hand pulling me towards the door.

"Wait!" I went over to the bed grabbing my scarf and wrapping it around my neck.

"Why do you cover it up for?" Eric asked me softly.

"Because I don't want everyone staring at my neck the whole time." He chuckled and grabbed my hand again pulling me behind him. We went downstairs and outside to the meeting. All the sudden I began feeling very nervous and confused at what I saw....

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