Chapter 41

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Eric grabbed the bags as I got the twins dressed, we were finally going home! After about four days we were finally leaving this hospital. I was more then excited to go home and just enjoy time with my little family. The twins fought against getting dressed, of course they would have a temper just like their daddy. Their little faces would turn red when they got mad, and it was so darn cute. I put a fuchsia outfit on Caroline, it had a large flower on it and had a cute bogging with a matching flower on it. Caden's outfit was green with a big frog on it and also had a bogging with a frog on it. When I finally got them all dressed I looked up to see Eric was finished packing.

"Ready to finally go home Ali?" He walked over to me wrapping his arms around my waist and kissing me lightly on the forehead.

"Honestly I have never wanted to be home so badly in my life." He chuckled as he picked up the twins car seats, and I grabbed all our bags heading toward the car. We had already checked out of the hospital so we just went to our car, first strapping the babies in the back seat. I double checked their seats to make sure they were all strapped in, cause i'm just that paranoid. The whole way home I sat with my head turned watching their every move, making sure they were ok.

"Alyson baby, calm down. I promise they are going to be fine, you really just need to relax." Oh it's just a guy thing, they really don't get how over protective we can be over our babies. So I didn't listen to him, I just continued riding home with my head turned. When I finally started to see the driveway to our house in the forest, I felt a sudden ping of relief. I could breathe now, I was almost home and this time it would be four of us not just two. Eric pulled into the driveway slowly and I sat there for a few minutes just being glad to be home.

"Ali why don't you grab the bags and i'll get Caroline and Caden." I nodded knowing I would feel alot better with Eric carrying them and not me, I'm afraid I might not be able to carry their car seats. I opened the door for Eric and followed him up the stairs to their nursery.First l wanted to check to make sure their diapers were clean, which was really nasty, Who would have ever know something so stinky could come out of a little baby. Eric dropped all our bags in our bedroom and came back to meet me in the nursery.

"Ok Eric you check Caden and I'll check Caroline." I heard Eric mumble, he hated checking their diapers, that's the only thing he doesn't like to do for them.

"Ohh Caden, you would have to go and make a mess don't  you, my little stinker." Eric said with a moan, I tore out laughing and laughed harder when I saw that Caroline was nice and clean. I picked her up and just held her in my arms.

"Eric how do you like your new job of cleaning poop?" I chuckled as Eric finished cleaning up the mess.

"Ohh Ali you make fun of my now dear, but don't worry it will come back for you." Yeah he was probably right, I better be quiet. We brought them down stairs and held them for awhile when we heard a knock on the door. I went to open the door and there stood Eric's mom, dad, sister, and brother. No one came to see us in the hospital cause they said they wanted to respect our privacy, and give us alone time.

"Hello Alyson Dear, how are you doing?" Eric's dad asked me kindly, Eric really did have the nicest family.

"I'm doing great, feeling better then ever." I said with a smile.

"Well Alyson I love you and all, but I want to see them grand-babies." I laughed as Eric's mom reached for Caroline, I lifted her into her arms and watched Caroline just go right back to sleep."Ohh Alyson she is beautiful, just perfect. Look at her, I have the most perfect gran-daughter ever." My heart swelled with pride as Eric;s mom continued to brag about Caroline.

"Well mom don't you want to see little Caden?" Asked Eric after being alone with his father to talk about some pack business.

"Well you know I do hand him over." I took Alyson back and turned to place her in Eric's dads arms. He smiled down at her, and I could just see the adoration in his eyes. Eric's mom had the same reaction to Caden, and I knew everyone else was going to love them just as much as I do. Eric's parents and sibling stayed for awhile, each taking their turn holding the babies till it was time for them to eat. I took them upstairs to feed them, and when they decided to leave, they came upstairs to say a quick good-bye. Not long after I heard the door close, I heard Eric coming up the stairs.

"Well you missed the surprise, since you came upstairs." Eric said with a hint of excitement.

"What did I miss in five minutes?" He chuckled lightly, and I knew he was laughing cause there is tons of stuff you can miss withing a second.

"They are throwing us a late baby shower. Their going to have it at the pack house, and they said for you not to worry about one little thing, they have it all handled." I really have been blessed, I have the best husband, kids, and family.

"They really don't have to do that, but it is so sweet of them." Eric took Caroline from my arm and sat in the chair next to me.

"Ali baby I think it's time to go to bed, I know it's only 10:00 o clock, but i'm about to fall over!" I laughed realizing how tired I was too. We had two cribs placed in our room, one on each side of the bed. We place Caroline and Caden in their cribs and crawled in bed together.

"I love you so much Ali, you know that right." Eric said with a yawn.

"Yeah baby, I know, I love you even more." He gave me a good long kiss, and wrapped his arms around my waist huddling me into his chest. But not five minutes later, after I had fell asleep, Caden tore out crying, so Eric rose up to get him, but Caden's crying must have woken up Caroline cause she started crying to. And the rest of the night was filled with us constantly getting up to take care of the babies, there was NO SLEEP.

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