Chapter 26 HoneyMoon Part 1

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The drive literally took forever and when I thought we had finally reached where we were going we show up at a airport.

"OH my lord Eric I think our honeymoon is just going to be a ride."He chuckled as he lead me out of the limbo and onto the private plane which was very nice if I do say.

"Patience Ali we are going to be there very soon I promise."Uhhh Patience is what I need yeah...

"Patience I lost Patience and hour ago.....You promised we would be almost there an hour ago."He just kept chuckling but I had yet to see what was so funny.

"Awww Ali I just love you so much."He kissed my nose lightly and I felt myself calming down.

"I love you to.We didn't really need a private plane, I'm sure our honeymoon is going to cost enough money we didn't need this on top of it."I looked at him and I truly just couldn't be more happier.Here I was in a private plane with the man that I love and who is now my husband who could have it any better?

"See Ali that's why I did it and I love you to and I'm sure I have it better cause you have me so happy."I'm sure that I would never get use to the mind reading thing.I looked out the window at the clouds and I felt a little bubble of excitement in my stomach.

"Well since I figure its going to take a while I think ima take me a nap."He nodded and took me so I was laying in his lap pretty much looking like a big baby.

About three hours later Eric woke me up and helped me off the plane to a taxi.We rode and as I looked out the window I was literally thrilled the beauty of everything around me was overwhelming.We were in no other then St. Lucia.The scenery was just breathtaking.

"Oh my Eric this is beautiful!"

"I knew you would like it but just wait till you see the house we are staying at."I just nodded as I looked at the window excited at all the new sights I was seeing.We drove and drove and drove until we reached our destination which was off to itself.We drove up a little rode till we stopped at the most beautiful beach house I had ever seen.The house was right of the coast of the ocean and it pretty much like our own private beach.The house wasn't huge but it was just so cute.It was white with a little porch with a swing and everything.

"Eric this is perfect.I LOVE YOU SO MUCH."I jumped at him and had my legs around his waist and I kept kissing him because I was just so happy.

"Ok Ali I get it your happy, but don't take me to the ground." He was just laughing but I let go of his waist and stood on the ground.The taxi driver set our luggage down and I got embarrassed because I had totally forgot that he was even there.As the taxi left I stood and just stared out at the ocean fascinated by its colors and beauty.I felt Eric tap my arm and I turned to look at him facing his smile.

"Well lets go inside."I nodded and Eric grabbed all the luggage rejecting my offers to help but he said" Your pregnant and I can handle this myself, no worries."The house was just so darn cute inside.When we walked in it was a little living room with a t.v., couch, and another chair.When you turned you walked into a bedroom that had a pretty big bed and a t.v., and that also led you to a bathroom.

"Eric I'm going to take a shower and then maybe you think we can go for a swim?"I was grabbing my things from my bed and heading to the bathroom when I felt his hands go around my waist pulling me against something that was hard in his shorts.

"Why don't I join you for that shower?"He was talking against my ear and I could feel little chill bumps popping up all over my arms.

"Well if you did then I would never get to take a swim today and I really want to."He turned me in his arms and I laid my head on his chest.

"Uhh I guess your right and I would like to see you in that bathing-suit so I will just have to sit out here all by myself and wait for you to get done with you shower...."I laughed as I walked into the bathroom and I made sure I locked the door behind me so he couldn't get any ideas.

I took my time with my shower washing every spot slowly and cleanly even though I was going to get dirty at the beach.When I got out I wrapped my  self in a towel and looked through my bag for a bathing suit.I finally found a cute red polka dotted bathing suit that was a bikini set and just made my boobs look awesome.Even though I had a bump and everything I still hadn't got any stretch marks so I though I just looked cute.I through my curly hair up into a big bun on my head and grabbed some sunglasses.When I walked out Eric was laying on the bed just looking up at the ceiling but when he heard me he raised up and the look on his face was priceless.

"Babe I really do think you are trying to kill me."His voice was low as he walked to me pulling me towards the bed.

"Now Eric I want to swim so lets go I promise we have plenty of time for tonight."He let out a slightly frustrated chuckle.

"And that my dear is the only thought that is going to make me throughout today."Eric went into the bathroom and got changed into some swimming trunks and when he came out it was my time to stare.

"See something you like."Of course he would catch me staring

"Well duh of course cause I just have the sexiest husband alive."He reached for my hand and we went outside and walked to the beach that was right affront of our house.I laid a towel down and ran toward the water.Ive always loved swimming and the feel of the water around me.I heard Eric following me and we swim-med and swim-med in the sun.

Me and Eric literally stayed out at the beach for hours until the night had came and I was getting Hungary.Eric wanted to go out and eat but I told him that tonight I just wanted to stay at the house and spend time with him but I really had other ideas..I decided that I would fix some hamburgers on the grill and some potato salad.When I was finished cooking I realized that I had ate two hamburgers and when Eric gave me a question look I just said

"You try feeding three."He just laughed.

We went into the living room to watch a movie but by the time it had made it through the previews I was straddling Eric.

"Eric that's it I cant take it Mark me."

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