Chapter 32

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Today was the dreadful but exciting day of getting the nursery ready.Yeah I know I'm pregnant and shouldn't even be thinking about helping, but honestly girls would you leave your husband alone to fix up a baby nursery? We had decided to do the room in a jungle theme since it was both girlish and boyish. I woke Eric up extra early since I didn't want to be up all night finishing the room. We already had the cribs, changing tables, rocking chairs, and all the other stuff that we had to buy in doubles. We already had the room painted a pretty jungle green, but I bought a bunch of wall sticker things with like monkeys and other animals. I wanted Caroline Crib to be in zebra and Cadens in Money. After rolling myself out of bed I went into the bathroom taking a quick shower and when I came out I wrapped a towel around me and looked at myself in the mirror. My stomach was huge I mean just like a mountain. I was now 8 months and I was about to pop. The twins move at all times and keep me up all night long. After staring at my stomach for a while I went and dried my hair, pulling it up in a big bun onto my head and not bothering with any makeup. I just threw some short shorts on and a t-shirt.

"Eric are you up?" I yelled from the bathroom to make sure he had got his butt out of bed.

"Yes my dear, I am up." I laughed when he came into the bathroom with his eyes slightly opened and walking like a zombie.

"Yeah you look like your awake." I said chuckling. I decided to be a good wife and go and make him some break feast. I fixed him some Pancakes and when he came down stairs I had a plate, milk, and sausage sitting at the table waiting for him. He smiled at me when he saw all the food, and walked over giving me a big kiss.

"Well if I knew this I would have started waking up alot earlier sooner." I laughed but truly I was just sucking up cause I knew today we would be doing alot of work, and he would get tired. After Eric finished his break feast we went upstairs and started to get to work. We put all the stickers on the wall, and hung these little vines, that I had found from a decorating store" from the ceiling. Next came the hard part. Carrying all the stuff into the room and putting it together. Eric wouldn't let me carry one single thing, but I helped put the cribs and everything together. I had got all the furniture done in a dark cherry wood that just looked wonderful. The crib took forever to put together cause all the instructions were written in Spanish and soon enough i realized all the directions were in Spanish. I was ready to pull my hair out, but when we finished I knew it was all worth it. By the end of all the work the room looked utterly amazing. I mean it was just perfect for my little babies.

"Thank you so much Eric, you are the best husband ever." I hugged him but not to tightly for fear of squeezing my stomach.

"Your welcome, and you know I would do anything for you and our childern." I was about to thank him again when all the sudden his phone started ringing. He answered it and instantly his voice switched into Alpha mode and I kinda got a little worried because I knew the only time he talked like that is when something is wrong. After about 20 min Eric got off the phone and just looked at me for a few minutes.

"I have something to tell you." He said with a voice that just worried me to the core.

"Whats wrong Eric?" I asked my voice a little shaky.

"They have spotted some rogues but this is rogues different then any thing I've ever seen." Ok rogues are rogues I mean they are wolves that leave their pack to be alone.

"What do you mean?" He was honestly starting to scare me by the worried, anxious look that was on his face.

"Seems like someone has found a bunch of rogues and kinda formed a pack."Well that's not to bad.

"So that happens all the time."

"Yeah it happens all the time but this time the pack is after one person only and the leader has some serious with this person." Eric had this look in his eyes that showed he was scared of what he was about to tell me.

"Who is the person?" I didn't even know why I bothered asking who it was when i knew who it was.

"Ali they are after you and the leader of the pack is......

Sooo guys I left you on a cliffhanger.....Who is the leader? A old friend? Someone New? Someone Jealous? Hmmm...Sorry for not uploadin in a long time I Have been reallly busyy. Please Vote/Comment.. The song I have is "I Stand Alone" By: Theophilus London

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