Chapter 42 "The Baby Shower Part 1"

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A week of having the babies home resulted in me and Eric being absolutely wore out. I mean nobody really tells you how hard it is to have a baby, or two babies at that. You have to double the feeding, the diaper changes, the crying, the rocking to sleep, and just everything. Now I wouldn't change it for a bit, but i'm starting to feel the symptoms of no sleep. Every night it starts with about two hours of sleep then usually Caroline starts crying which leads to Caden crying, so I usually get up first and get them settled down. When they go back to sleep, I crawl back in bed and sleep for about 30 minutes before one of them starts crying, then it's Eric's turn to get up. The night continues like that with us each taking a turn of getting up, but it doesn't matter cause you can't really sleep through the crying.

Today was Saturday and even though I was ready to fall over, I got up out of bed to get ready. Today was the baby shower that Eric's mom had put together for us. I know you usually have a baby shower before the babies come but we had some delays with the wedding, honeymoon, Calvin, and on and on, so now our babies get to come to their own baby shower

. I rose up out of bed, carefully to make sure I didn't wake up Eric. I walked slowly to the bathroom and turned on the shower so it could warm up. I stripped of my pjs and stepped into the warm steamy shower. I always have loved a good shower, I believe it can wash away any pains or aches. I washed my hair and body, shaving my legs since I figured I would wear shorts today.

When I stepped out of the shower I wrapped myself in a towel, heading out of the bathroom to get some clothes. When I opened the door I ran smack into Eric's naked chest.

"Well well well what do we have here?" I felt my face turn rosy red.

Even with the babies and everything Eric still had that little spark of passion. He wrapped his big arms around my waist pulling me closer to him, and he pushed me back into the bathroom. He sat me up on the sink and I wrapped my bare legs around his waist, pulling him even more closer to me. Eric kissed my neck slowly, sucking a little on my mark. Whenever he touches my mark, no matter if it is his lips or fingers. I get a sort of vibration throughout my body that is just to much to handle. He kissed my neck till he reach my face and from there he kissed up my cheek to my forehead and down the other cheek. When he finally started moving towards my lips I just couldn't wait anymore. I wrapped my hands behind his head pushing his lips to mine. I kissed him, letting him feel all the burning sensation that was filling me up now. We just stood there for there for a while wrapped up in each others arms kissing and caressing each other. When we pulled away we were both out of breath.

"Well good morning my dear husband, your in a good mood today I see." He chuckled lightly stealing another quick kiss from my lips.

"I'm in a good mood every morning when I get to see my beautiful wife and my two beautiful babies." I smiled up at him, then moved my legs from his hips to touch the ground. I hugged him lightly, just loving the way our bodies fit perfectly together.

"I'm only in a good mood when i'm with you babe, and I love waking up to your sexy face and my gorgeous daughter and my handsome son." He smiled before kissing me once again, this time I let go and moved to the closet. I knew if we didn't separate one thing might lead to another and we would miss the baby shower.

I picked me out some black short shorts with a cute white tank top and some white sandals. I went back to the bathroom to dry my curly hair and put on some makeup. I put in some silver earrings and a bracelet. When I came out I got Caden and Caroline taking them to their nursery with Eric behind me. We changed them into cute outfits that were matching but with different colors.

About a hour later we were ready to leave, with the babies it takes us a bit longer to leave. We have to feed them, change their diapers, change their outfits, and get their bags ready before we can leave. Then we have to get them in the car seats and start a whole new process. When we were finally on the small road to the pack house, I felt little bubbles of excitement. I haven't really had a chance to see any of my friends from the pack. I really miss Becky and the whole gang, I haven't even had a chance to ask her how the whole mate thing was working out.

"What you thinking bout Ali? You as excited as I am?" Eric asked from the driver side of the car.

"I was just thinking about how much I miss all my friends and I am really excited to see them all again, and now they get to see their future new pack members little Caden and Caroline." Every-time I talked about the twins joining the pack when they got older or anything to do with them being were-wolfs, Eric's face would swell up in pride. He will have a Alpha son and a beta daughter.

When we pulled into the drive way you could see all the blue and pink balloons. We got both car seats, I carried Caroline and Eric carried Caden. As soon as we opened the door we were swarmed by all our pack members. They all wanted to see the babies, I thought Becky was going to steal Caroline and run with her. They pulled us into the room that had held a party and our wedding reception, sometime before.. My mouth dropped and I just couldn't believe Eric's mom had done all this for us and the babies.

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