Chapter 27

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The next Morin I woke up and was overwhelmed with pure bliss.Who could be any happier than I am? I had the best husband, mate, best-friend, and soon to be a father.I have to unborn children that are going to be my world.I just could'nt contain all the happiness that I was feeling.I felt Eric stir next to me and he turned wrapping his arms around my now large stomach.Today I turned 5 months pregnant and sure showing it.I guess since there is two babies instead of one I'm going to get bigger then most pregnant women. I'm probably two sizes bigger than most soon to be moms.I mean honestly I looked like a beached whale.

"Ali honey you are absolutely beautiful.You have the glow that most Pregnant women would kill for, so stop worrying about it sweetie."I smiled Eric truly could make me feel better no matter how horrible my day was.

"Aww thanks sweetie! So what we doing today?" I was pretty excited to go to the beach and just have a relaxing honeymoon since soon we would have two babies and wouldn't have the time to spend doing careless things.

"Well I was thinking we could hang out at the beach all day and this evening head out to town and eat some dinners and check out all the stuff to see."

"Sounds like a pretty good idea to me. Why don't I go and fix us some break feast first since me and the twins are starved out." He laughed and as I rose from the bed I had some trouble so Eric got up and came to the other side grabbing one hand and putting the other arm around my waist pulling me out of the bed.I kissed him lightly and as I pulled him away he just shook his head and pulled me back in giving me a long and sweet kiss.

"I think I'm going to help you fix some break feast since you cant even get out of bed honey."I just laughed knowing better then to argue since I need the help and I know that I have no other choice.We headed into the kitchen and started to fix some eggs and toast.I was scrambling the eggs when I felt a ping in my stomach. I just shook it off but then the pain came again and again.All the sudden I felt a rush of sickness hit me and I took off running to the bathroom. I hit the floor and literally threw up everything I had ate for a week.Eric came running after me and held my hair as I got sick.

"Ali are you ok?"His voice was full of concern as he pulled me up from the floor slowly trying to make sure I didn't get sick again.

"I'm fine Eric don't yah know when your pregnant Morin sickness if a frequent thing." I laughed it off but Eric still seemed a little worried. I went back to the kitchen and finished cooking since I hadn't lost my appetite.I ate and then went to find me a bathing suit.I decided to wear a bikini that was black with gold jewels on it.I knew I was huge but I still hadn't got any stretch marks so I kinda thought my stomach looked cute.When I came out Eric was already outside on the small porch waiting for me.

"Ready?" I nodded and we headed out to the beach. Me and Eric swam and talked and laid in the sun basking in all of its warmth.I literally just love tanning. If I could I would live in the sun at all times. I just love the tingling sensation on my skin as the sun pours down the heat on me.I was pretty sure that I would end up sun burnt since I hadn't really got the chance to lay in the sun lately but I could care less.After hours and hours of hanging out at the beach me and Eric headed back to the cabin since I was getting hungry and needed to get ready to head out to town.

I took me a long much needed shower since I had to get off all the sand that just happened to be literally everywhere.When I got out I just stood in the mirror staring at me baby bump and then onto the mark that was on the back of my neck.I was worried at first what people would think when they saw it but I noticed that it really looked like a really good tattoo.I dried off and went to the closet picking out a cute white summer dress that outlined my baby bump really good and showed off my skin. I dried my hair deciding to leave it curly since there really was no point in even trying to straighten it.I put some makeup on lightly and found me some cute silver earrings.When I came out Eric went into the bathroom taking a shower in less then ten minutes.When he came out he had some khaki shorts and a tight fit blue shirt that looked really hot on him.

"Well look at my little love looking adorable in her dress."I smiled and he and kissed me.

"And look who is looking super hott in his tight shirt."He laughed once again.

"So you ready to go out and explore!"

"Why sure you know I am." Before we went out the door I brought Eric down for just one more kiss on my lips.

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