Chapter 31

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Why oh Why did we have to leave? When Eric woke me up this Morin I just laid in the bed staring at the ceiling hoping that maybe he would just leave me here. After a while I raised up heading to the bathroom to take a shower. Eric came out of the bathroom giving me a small peck on the lips and went on to the kitchen probably to make some break feast. I went into the bathroom taking off my night gown and stepping into the shower. I tried to make the shower last as long as I could drag it out. I just stood there leaning my back against the shower wall and I just watched the water hitting against my foot. I heard the door open to the bathroom and when I turned Eric was standing there just chuckling.

"You are going to try your best to make us miss our plane." I just nodded and chuckled a bit myself knowing that he would have caught onto my plan quicker then anyone else could have.

" Why don't you come in the shower with me for a few minutes?" I could see a flicker of desire go through his eyes, and I knew he couldn't resist me.

"Ali if I go in there we will never leave." I started to take the wash cloth all over my body.

"Not if we go quick." He just nodded taking of his shorts and shirt. He stepped into the shower wrapping his arms around my waist and pulled me lightly to his body kissing my lips with passion. We kissed and kissed and kissed, I knew that taking a shower with him is better then any other shower in this world. When we were finally finished I stepped out wrapping a towel around me and I walked into the bedroom picking out some short shorts and a Victoria secret pink tank-top. I went back into the bathroom drying my hair leaving it curly and pulled it up into a messy bun.I put some mascara on and eyeliner and I sprayed some Juicy perfume. .I took a quick look around the room making sure I had all my things. When I came out of the bathroom Eric was sitting on the bed with all our now packed bags around him.

"You know I really am going to miss this place." Eric said after a few minutes of silence.

"Yeah me too, but I'm also excited to go home and fix up the nursery." He nodded standing up when he heard the sound of the taxi pulling in.We grabbed all of our bags carrying them out to the taxi. I took one last look at the cabin before getting into the taxi. The drive to the airport was quiet but peaceful. I just leaned against Eric while he had his arms wrapped against me. When we got to the airport I started to get that panicky feel again but Eric kept a arm around me at all times trying to calm me down.

"Ali we made it here fine and we will make it back fine.Ok?" I nodded as we took our seats on the private plane. I decided that I would just sleep on the whole ride home so I wouldn't have to worry.

"Alli honey wake up." I opened my eyes to Eric looking back at me with a smile.

"Where are we?" My voice sounded all drowsy and tired.

"We are ready to get off the plane." I nodded standing up and I walked off the plane to meet yet again another car. This time it was Eric's car so he drove home while I just looked outside the window. When we arrived at the pack house I started to get that feeling of being home. I got out of the car and met Eric at the front door. We walked into the house and was greeted by Eric's mom.

"Well it is about time you guys got home. Come here and hug me." I let Eric go and hug his mom and then I waddled on over to her." Well look at that baby bump." I laughed as she rubbed her hand against my stomach.

"I'm pretty sure it has passes being called a bump more like a house." She laughed shaking her head in disagreement. Next to come to us was Becky and the whole crew.

"Well look at my best friend and her two babies." I laughed hugging her tightly, and I just realized how much I had missed her. I hugged Grace and Peyton who were just thrilled to see my Pregnancy glow and my tan. Me and Eric just spent the afternoon greeting and talking to pack members and then I went with Becky figuring Eric needed to deal with Alpha Problems.

"How was the Honeymoon?" She asked me as we walked outside to a little bench.

"Ohh it was the best. I really just never wanted to leave, I enjoyed being alone with Eric and just getting to relax and not worry about anything."

"Well I'm glad you guys had a great time but I'm also glad you are back, I missed you." I laughed cause I knew she was probably a Little bored without me since we were bff.

"So how are you and your mate?" Becky was still pretty much in the stage of never wanting to leave her mate side.

"Ohh it is wonderful, I never I could love someone so much." Her eyes just sparkled whenever she talked about him.

"Trust me girl it gets even better." She laughed and out of the corner of my eye I saw Eric coming out of the doors.

"Well there you two are, Ali Ive been looking all over for you. You ready to go to the house and go to bed?" I looked up just noticing that it was dark.

"All right, bye Becky see ya later." I yelled while I walked with Eric to our house. When We walked into the door I noticed that our bags were already inside. I grabbed Eric's hand and led him upstairs to our bedroom. I was honestly killed out so I didn't even bother changing I just went and got in bed. I heard Eric go to the bathroom and after a few minutes he came out without a shirt. He laid down behind me but in a matter of a few seconds he had his chest against my back and his arms wrapped around me.

"Night Eric love you." I said sleepily.

"Night Ali love you too." I fell asleep quickly happy to be back in my own bed.

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