Chapter 22

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The wedding plans were really set in motion for the next few weeks. Me and Eric decided to have an outside wedding in the huge field behind the pack house and to have the reception in the dinner hall/ball room. Everything was really starting to some together and I was getting very excited. We had ordered hundreds of roses to decorate with and the dinner hall was absolutely beautiful. The tables had silk white cloths on them with vases of roses and small pearls all over. We had fixed a place to dance so there was a floor that lit up and we already paid a DJ. The wedding was really going to be perfect and I knew it wasn't because of all the decorations and party stuff but just simply because it meant I would be closer to Eric and Officially married to him. My dress has been already altered and fixed and I had made a date at the beautician to get my hair fixed. Since for some reason I keep putting on weight I started taking runs in the Morin and laying off of the junk food so I will be able to fit in my dress on the wedding day. The wedding is in 3 days so I think I will be able to hold off on the weight.

"Ali are you ok? You have been sitting there for twenty minutes staring at your plate." I looked up at Eric from my plate and smiled knowing it would hurt his feeling if I didn't eat the food he made I put a small bite in my mouth.

"Yeah I'm fine, I just keep putting on weight so I'm trying to lay off and keep my weight down." His eyebrows fluttered together but I just continued to eat slowly.

"Do you feel ok Ali? Is there something you need to tell me? I mean you keep craving food, getting sick, having weird dreams, and now weight gain." My head shot up as I heard the words Eric was saying. I have been getting sick almost everyday, Ive been craving the weirdest food lately, the dreams I have been having were weird even for me, the sudden weight gain, and the sharp pains in my stomach that I hadn't told Eric about yet. Why hadn't I been able to tell this before? I AM PREGNANT! I knew I needed to go to a doctor but I wanted to make sure that I am positive before I tell Eric and get his hopes up.

"Eric do you mind if I just go in town today and get some stuff from the store?"He studied my face for a few minutes before saying anything.

"Sure I'll go with you cause I need some stuff to."My head struck up and I knew that I would have to lie to Eric to get him to go by myself but it was for an important reason.

"No its alright I'll get it for you, I will be back in a little bit ok?" He nodded as I raised up from the table glad that I had already took a shower and got ready today. I went over to the table and grabbed my purse and the car keys.I turned and kissed Eric then headed out of the door and got in the car.

The ride to the doctor was a stressful one. I already called and made an appointment on the way so I was all set. The whole way there all I could think about was a little baby in my stomach that was all mine.My hand instantly wrapped around my stomach and I felt a little sting of happiness knowing that I would be the happiest mom ever. I pulled into the parking lot and went inside signing myself in and taking a seat. After over 30 minutes I was finally called back.

"So miss Alyson what are you hear for today?" The doctor asked me as he took a seat affront of me.

"I think I might be pregnant so I came for a test."The doctor just nodded at me.

"Ok lets take you to the back and get a ultra sound."I nodded as I got off of the table and followed him out the door and towards the back. He took me into a Small dark room and told me to lay down on a table.I raised up my shirt as he squirted some freezing cold gel onto my stomach. I watched the machine as he searched my stomach and stopped when he found what he was looking for.

"Well Miss Alyson Congratulations you are pregnant." I felt tears form in my eyes as the words sunk in that there was a tiny baby inside my stomach.I saw my baby on the screen and It looked so tiny but perfect."It looks like you are about 4 months and the baby looks perfectly healthy.Would you like to know the sex of you baby?" I new the answer to the question as soon as he asked it.

"No thank you! I would like to wait til the father is with me to find out." He nodded as he printed out the picture of my baby.I took the picture in my hand and pressed it to my heart as I walked out of the doctor office.The drive home was a tearful one. I was so excited and absolutely could not wait to tell Eric.When I got home I ran into the house and found Eric laying on the couch asleep.

"Eric honey wake up!" I shook him till he finally started to stir awake."Eric get up I have something to tell you." He raised up alarmed but still look a little sleepy.

"Whats wrong Ali?" I stood up affront of him the picture of our baby still in my hand. I just silently handed the picture to Eric. After a few moments Eric looked up at me with a confused face."Ali what is this?"

'Eric I am pregnant!" Before I could finish the my sentence I was in Eric's arms and was held in a tight hug.

"I love you so much! Ali I could not be any more happier. You are going to have my little baby!" He just kept kissing me and I felt tears form down my face as I realized he was just as happy as I was. He put his head against my stomach and raised my shirt up and gently kissed my stomach. "Ali I love you more then anything!"

"I love you to Eric. That's why I left, I went to the doctor to make sure I was pregnant cause I didn't want to get you hopes up and then find out I'm not pregnant. He said I was four months along and he asked if I wanted to know the sex of the baby but I wanted to wait for you to be with me." He smiled the whole time I spoke and his eyes were filled with pride.

"Thank you so much for waiting on me. We can go tomorrow if you want to." I nodded knowing I couldn't wait either to find out what my Little baby gender was."Do you want to wait till after the wedding to tell everyone?"

"Actually I think it would be a good surprise to tell at the reception."He nodded in agreement as his lips were put on mine.He kept kissing me and the sparks were flying between us.He backed up onto the couch and set down as I straddled him. He kept kissing me till I was dizzy he took advantage of the moan that escaped my mouth and stuck his tongue in my mouth. The kisses kept coming til I slid his shirt over his head and he repeated my motion sliding my shirt over my head and unlatching my bra. He kissed me as he undid my pants and I raised up as I slid them off. We kept going till there was no more clothes to take off and we set and made love on the couch for hours.When we were finally finished I laid in Eric's arms as his hand was placed on my stomach and my head on his shoulder.

"Night Eric I love you." I kissed him as my eyes started to flutter closed.

"Night Alyson I love you and night my little baby I love you too." I felt my lips twitch into a smile as I fell asleep hearing the soft words Eric sang to me and my baby.

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