Chapter 5

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When I woke up I felt a little drowsy and confused of where I was. After looking around for a few minutes I remembered the day before, then I remembered that I had slept in Erics bed. I turned around quickly looking for Eric, and was met with some very bright eyes.

"Goodmorning my mate, you look beyond beautiful." Eric voice was a bit husky, sending small chills through my body. Don't understand how he can call me beautiful compared to himself. Eric's head was propped up on his arm, and saying he looked hott laying there without a shirt would be putting it simply.

"Well good morning, glad to see one of us is up and wide awake." My voice pretty much sounded like a dying cat compared to his, but that didn't seem to bother Eric since he scooted closer.

"It's always going to be wide awake when I see that face my dear." He kissed my forehead and I shivered from the heat coming from his lips. I raised my head and gently kissed his lips. I began to pull away when Eric grabbed my waist and kissed me again but this time with more passion and desire. He pulled away from my lips but continued down on my neck and chest. I moaned at the tingling sensation and I grabbed his face pulling his lips back to mine. In one quick movement Eric was on top of me. I was ready for this I wanted to be mated officially. Wait what? What in the hell am I doing.

He began pulling off my shirt.... when thankfully the phone let out ringing. Eric groaned and got off of me to answer the phone laying on the table. I turned over and put my face in the pillow, silently thanking god for that ring. I could tell that Eric was talking to someone in the pack by the way his Alpha voice came to play. He finally hanged up the phone and rolled over taking me under his body.

"I'm sorry but I was just informed that we are having a party today for you." Ugh of course of all things I have to go to a party today. When honestly alls I want to do is spend some time with Eric, getting to know him. I just want a day to kinda wrap my head around all of this.

"I know I wanted to spend time with you too dear. We will have time to talk, and do a few more things later on." He gives me a wicked grin and a quick wink.

"What time will the party be?" He chuckled at the sound of dread in my voice.

"It will be around six tonight." I turned to look at the clock sitting on the nightstand, it said 3 pm. Hmm I'm usually a early bird, I'm surprised I've slept all day.

"Alright well I guess I better go take a shower and get ready, want to come with?" I say jokingly and was surprised when I saw Eric's eyes turn black with lust, I started to laugh when he let out a sigh of frustration.

"No I better not or I promise you we most likely would not make the party." I got up out of the bed and was heading to the bathroom when Eric came up behind me. He turned me around and slammed me against the wall, kissing me roughly before letting me go.

"We can continue this tonight." His voice was deep and caused my face to turn red. Continue What? Maybe I'm teasing a bit too much.

I stripped down when I was finally in the bathroom and turned on the shower. The water relaxed all the tension and worries that I had about the party and Eric. I shaved my legs and everything. When I got out of the shower I found my red toe nail polish in one of the drawers and decided to paint my nails. I stepped out of the bathroom only in a towel relived that Eric wasn't in here. I went to the closet and found my cute black party dress and my red high heels.

I dried my curly hair and fixed it so some of my hair was pinned back. I put my makeup on and sprayed some perfume all over me. I finally put my dress on and some earrings.I looked in the mirror and was pretty impressed. My hair had managed to be perfectly curled and my makeup was all in place. I stepped out of the bathroom to get my heels when I saw Eric setting on the couch. His mouth dropped when he saw my short little dress. I smiled at the sight of his admiration.

"You look so beautiful Alyson, I don't know how I'm going to make it through the whole party with you looking like this." His voice sounded more like a growl, and I just smirked.

"You'll be ok, I just wanted to look nice for you I guess..." I slowly bent down in front of him to put my heels on making sure he saw my cute black lace underwear, seeing how far I could take the flirting. I was suprised by the burst of confidence I was getting. Just a few minutes ago I was trying to not get any attention like this from Eric, and now I'm showing him my undies. I looked over at the clock and realized I only had 5 minutes before the party.

"I'm ready so lets go to this party." He grabbed my hand and kissed me before heading down stairs.

The party was in the room, where we had ate last night except now all the tables were gone and the lights were off except for some strobe and colored lights. It looked exactly like a club and the music was blasting from the speakers. No one was here yet so I took a chance to walk around. They had some food and drink tables set up.

"So is everyone coming or...?" I turned to look at him.

"Just mostly the adult pack members because of the alcohol and the dancing if you get what I mean." I was nervous about this because I hadn't really had a chance to talk to anyone, therefore I had yet to make a single friend.

"Don't worry you will have tons of friends by the end of the night, just calm down and have fun." I hoped he was right cause all the sudden a bunch of people began coming into the room.....

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