You Get You Period (Shawn) BSM

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A/N: BSM means Brother-Sister Moment

Shawn(age 12):
You and Shawn where watching a movie in the living room, you both were laying on the floor inside of the fort you guys built.
"Shawn can you pause the movie, i need to use the bathroom" you told him "yeah,sure" he said grabbing the remote and pausing it as, you walked to the bathroom.
You got in, closed the door, and sat down. As you we just about to clean yourself up, you saw blood on your underwear. You knew you would get it eventually, but you didn't think you'd get it now. You checked under the sink, to see if you can find any pads, where your mom had said they'd be. You closed the cabinet, seeing that there weren't any left and you'd have to ask Shawn to go out and get you some.
"SHAWN!" you yelled "YES??" he yelled back in response. "CAN YOU COME HERE FOR A SECOND?" you yelled out, you heard footsteps approach outside the bathroom door and then a little knock. You pulled your shorts up a little higher and opened the door just a little bit. "Umm Shawn, do you mind going to the store to get me umm....pads?" you asked shyly "sure, is that all you need y/n?" he asked "and can you get me some food, no sweets, food!" you told him, saying the word 'food' a bit slowly. Shawn chuckled "sure sis, i'll be back in a few minutes" he said walking away from the door, you heard the sound of keys and the front door slamming shut. As you waited for Shawn, you took of your shorts and underwear, seeing as how you were alone, you quickly ran into your room, grabbed some extra clothes to change in and quickly ran back into the bathroom. Minutes later you heard the front door open and a knock on the bathroom door. You opened it a bit "Here you go sis" shawn said handing you the stuff you needed "thank you Shawn!" you said as you closed the door, cleaned yourself up, changed, left the bathroom and joined your brother on the couch with Pizza & Wings set on the little table you guys had in the living room. You couldn't ask for a better brother.

Sorry for not updating in so long, i have no excuse of it and im sorry. I hope you guys liked this imagine! Requests are open if you want an imagine.
Happy New Years! I know i'm late on that lol

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