Your kid does something bad (grayson)

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A/N: So someone is helping me with some ideas for some imagines some will be my ideas and some with be hers or someone else's so I would like to thank Dolanxfever for at least giving me some sort of idea for imagines thank you and we are almost to 5k yay lets keep getting higher and higher

"Mommy I want ice-cream" Connor said Connor was your 5 year old son and Grayson was at work so you decided to take Connor to the mall with you but you had to go back home because he was about to throw a trantrum "Connor you know you can't get ice-cream for being bad so go up to your room now" I said "no!" Connor said running off to who knows where "Connor get back here or else I'm gonna tell your dad that's your behaving really bad and that we won't take you to Disneyland next week" I said "nooooo!!" Connor said starting to cry he's been looking forward to going to Disneyland "well then behave" I told him he nodded his head and he went to his room little did you know he was going to the kitchen to get ice cream himself  I heard noises coming from the kitchen so I decided to check what was making all those noises and once I got there I saw Connor eating out of the ice cream container and he had ice cream on his clothes hair everywhere "Connor what did I tell you!" I said to him cleaning up the mess "I'm sorry mommy" he said "well guess what no Disneyland" I said and he started to cry "no crying and go to your room and don't you think I'm not gonna tell your father about this" I said cleaning up all the mess he made once I finished oh ears his little sobs coming from his room it broke my heart it's not true what I said to him he is gonna go to Disneyland but sometimes kids need to learn that they don't always get what they want I heard the front door open "hey babe I'm home" Grayson's voice said I walked to the living room and I saw Grayson standing there "is Connor crying" he asked I nodded "why?" He asked "he didn't behave at all today I took him to the mall and he was about to throw a trantrum so I brought him back home and then he asked for ice cream and I said no so he did the opposite and now here I am explaining to you why he's crying oh and I might have told him a little lie saying we aren't going to Disneyland" I said "wow well it breaks my heart hearing him cry so why won't we explain to him that he doesn't always get what he wants and that we are going to Disneyland if he behaves for the rest of the week or should I say until he is 18 and older as he gets *chuckles*" Grayson said I nodded and went upstairs we explained everything to Connor he said he was sorry and we cleaned him up and washed his covers and sheets and clothes and once he fell asleep me and Grayson cuddled and watched movies units we fell asleep

Well this imagine kinda sucked well it kinda sucked for me idk if you guys liked it or not but ehh
Bye beautiful people 💘😍😘

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