Valentines Day Pt.1

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I walked down the hall and saw that everyone had something like heart boxes and bears you know and me well i didn't really care
I walked to my locker and saw sometime stuff on the floor next to my locker I saw a big stuffed bear,candy,roses and a letter
I went and opened the letter and it was from Cameron
Dear y/n,
Will you be my valentines?
I don't know I'll have to think about that so I put the letter in my locker
I closed my locker and started walking down the hall
"Y/n!" I turned around and saw Nash running towards me with a stuffed bear and roses
"Hey Nash,who's the lucky lady?" I asked "umm these are for you" he said I  looked at him and smiled "thank you" I said hugging him "y/n will you be my valentines?" He asked "I'll think about it" he nodded and I smiled and we turned around walking our separate ways I had a huge bag to put the stuff can and Nash gave me and maybe even other people got me something who knows
"Yo y/n!" I turned my head around and saw Taylor walking towards me with a huge bear, chocolates, white roses, and my favorite candy
"Hey Taylor" I smiled "hey these are for you my lovely lady will you do me the honors of being my valentines?" He said I smiled "I'll think about it" he nodded and smiled and walked away and so did I
Soon I had said I'll think about it to all the boys (original Magcon) and the Dolan twins and all of them have gave me something which is a lot
School ended and all the girls were jealous
I walked home today and my mom was there
"Hey mom I'm home" "hey honey-wow what do you have in there?" She said looking at the balloons and bears and all the stuff
"The boys gave me them and asked if I wanted to be their valentines separate" "and what did you say?" "I said I would think about it" "who do you love the most?" "All of them" "you know what I meant just listen to your heart and you'll know who he is" she said hugging me "thanks mom" "no problem sweety now I'm gonna go and finish diner" she walked away and I headed up to my room and took a nap

The reason why I now have 12k is because I deleted some imagines sorry

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