What he gets you for your birthday (magcon)

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Cameron: A iPhone 6 with a Cameron Dallas phone case ( Lol ) and a necklace with his and your name carved on the back

Nash: 3 pairs of vans and a galaxy sweater

Matt: 4 beanies and 2 pairs of Jordans

Hayes: 2 emoji pillows,1 beanie, and a bag of (your favorite candy)

Shawn: 2 concert tickets and vip passes to go see Ed sheeran and a necklace with yours and his Last name

Taylor: 3 pairs or converse and a necklace with his name and your name carved on the back

Jack Gilinsky: 3 sweaters,a necklace with the date you and him first met and a pair of blue earrings

Jack Johnson: 2 Snapbacks and an iPhone 5

Aaron: 5 beanies,2pairs of vans and a ring with an infinity sign

Carter: 5 Snapbacks, 3beanies, and a necklace with a beautiful quote on it

I hoped you liked it! :)

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