First I love you (Ethan)

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Today you didn't feel like doing anything at all so you decided to call your boyfriend of 6 months which is Ethan

(Y/n=your name) (E=Ethan)

Y/n: heyyy

E=hey babe

Y/n=so I was wondering if you can come over you know just to have a lazy day?

E=sure, I'll be over in 5 ok

Y/n=ok bye I Love you

E=uh ya bye

You hung up alittle disappointed sure ya you've said i love you to him but what makes you upset is because he has never said it back
You walk towards your couch and sat down about 5 minutes later you heard the doorbell and got up to open the door
You opened the door and saw rose pedals on the ground right on top of the rose pedals you saw a bouquet of roses with a note on it you picked it up and you read the note it said 'follow the rose pedals I have something to tell you -Ethan'
Your weren't planning anything because you just wanted a lazy day but this might be important so you got dressed like whatever put your shoes on locked the door and followed the rose pedals
You were finished following the rose pedals which stopped at the place you and Ethan first met which was at a beautiful park with flowers and blah blah blah you looked down and found another note with a blue rose 'follow the blue rose pedals-Ethan'
You followed the pedals and it stopped at a beautiful lake near the park and when you looked up you saw Ethan with a dozen of red roses
"Y/n" "ya Ethan" "uh I uh"
"What?" "I been meaning to tell you this but I was to scared to tell you I've heard you tell me this a bunch of times and I thought today would be the perfect day to tell you this" "tell me what?you know you don't have to be scared if you are you can tell me some other time ok" "ok" "are you going to tell me or do you want to tell me some other time?" "I'll tell you" "ok" "y/n I love you"
You stood there shocked because this was the first time he has ever told you I love you
"I love you too Ethan" "you do?" "Yes of course I do I just thought you didn't because when I've told you I love you you wouldn't say it back but now that you've told me that I'm so happy and I now know that you love me back" "well I'm sorry it took me this long to tell you but I do love you a lot" "I love you too Ethan" you said pulling him in for a kiss

I'm sorry I haven't updated I just didn't have any ideas but I hoped you like it and I'll try to update more I love you guys bye! :)

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