His fans apologize to you (Aaron)

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I was waiting for Aaron to finish getting ready and to think I take long nope he takes like an hour
"Aaron! Babe are you done?" I asked "yeah I'll be right down!" He shouted back that's what he said the last 10 mins
I heard Aaron come down the stairs "ready?" I asked and he nodded "finally you take forever!" I said and he just laughed we got out the house and went to the arcade
We spent like a whole hour in the arcade and then we had to get kicked out because I may or may not have beaten Aaron at a game so Aaron being a sore loser kicked the game machine and wouldn't work and a worker from there just had to be right there watching us the whole time what a stalker I know
So Aaron and I decided to get pizza pepperoni for him and 3 meat for me I was waiting for Aaron to come with the pizzas and he did a few minutes later we started eating and he went to go get napkins
While he was getting the napkins some girls came up to me "wow your such a fat ass look you like ate half of the pizza already" the girl with blonde hair and pink tips said opening the pizza box me and Aaron we eating out of the other pizza box was for the boys "I can't believe Aaron would date a fat ass like you like your not even that pretty like your also not ugly" the other girl with brown hair said "yeah I know right like why not going for a run elephant" the third girl with red hair said and the three girls started laughing right now I was in tears
"HEY!" I heard Aaron's voice yell catching everyone in the malls attention "Aaron you don't have too" I said wiping away my tears "No I do" I smiled "what makes you think you can call my girlfriend that?!" He said and the three girls stood embarrassed and frozen I think there fans? "Huh you got nothing to say don't you well would you look at that so you think you can just say something to my girlfriend and think I wasn't gonna do something?!" He said "we're sorry Aaron we didn't mean too" the girl with the brown hair said crying hard I feel bed yes they said mean stuff to me but I'm used to it and I feel bad because they're getting yelled at by their idol just because they made me crying I don't like seeing others cry
Aaron just looked shocked when she said his name and stood there not knowing what to say
The brown haired girl came up to me and hugged me like she didn't want to let go for dear life I hugged her back "i-im s-s-so sor-ry y-y-n" she said stuttering "it's okay don't worry about it I don't want to see you cry" I said "b-but I-I made you c-cry" she said with bloodshot eyes "hey it's okay it was a mistake nothing bad happened right?" I said smiling at her and she nodded and she whispered in my ear "I'm sorry I promise to never do it again" she said "I know and I forgive you" I told her same went with the others and Aaron said sorry to for embarrassing them and then we all hung out for the rest of the day

Sorry this imagine sucks but hope you guys liked it
Bye all you beautiful people 😜

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