You get jealous andyour guys waitress is rude to you (Matt)

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You were getting ready for yours and matts date tonight you asked where you guys were going but he said it was a surprise
I was getting ready for our date and right now I was only in my bra and panties I had a blue dress in one hand and a black on the other hand I went to matts room to ask which one i should wear for our date tonight and he was hella fine In that tux he was wearing I might have peeked in the little hole lol I knocked on the door and Matt opened it "you know I'm not gonna take you with no clothes on" Matt said laughing I giggled "I know I came here to ask which dress I should wear tonight the blue or the black?" I asked him "hmmm I say the black one" he said I smiled and I went to go change I put the dress on and I did my hair I curled it and then I did my makeup not too much but just enough I put on my earrings and the necklace Matt gave me for our anniversary I put on some black vans yeah yeah I'm weird hey I'm still a teenager ya know lol and I go out my room door and start walking down stairs I see Matt downstairs and then he saw me and his jaw dropped "wow" he said I giggled "not to bad yourself" I said he smiled and I smiled back "shall we?" He said taking my hand "we shall" I said back laughing we grabbed our stuff and we headed out the door and into the car
*skip car ride* *vroom* *vroom* lol
We got to this restaurant it was beautiful and fancy but it looked so expensive "Matt this place looks expensive" I said looking at him "don't worry it's on me" he said "you know I don't like it when you spend so much money on me" I said "I know" he said smiling and I smiled back we walked into the restaurant and we sat at our reserved table near the beautiful view of the beach did I forget to tell you we are in Hawaii "Hey I'll be your waitress today what would you guys like?" The waitress asked she looked at me in disgust and then she looked at Matt and winked man calm y/n don't get jealous "I will have the steak please" Matt said "ok how would you like it babe" she asked did she just called him babe?!?! I looked at Matt and he knew I was getting mad and jealous at the same time "umm please don't call me that and I would like it medium rare" Matt said "ok I'll be back with your order" she said "wait but I didn't even get to order" I said "oh honey I already ordered for you" she said and walked away "ugh can you believe her?" I said Matt just laughed and so did I "the girl came back with drinks and she gave matt his drink bending down alittle to show her flat chest lol and then she didn't technically give me my drive she spilled it all of me "what the heck" I screamed and everyone was looking "oh gosh it's not a big deal here" the girl said throwing me a napkin and smiling at Matt "umm that was really rude especially since you did that to my girlfriend no wonder no one likes you" Matt said the girl looked at him shocked Matt got up and talked to the manager the girl got fired "bye bye" I said giggling still cleaning the drink off of me "thanks for that Matt" "no problem lets go somewhere else" he said "where?" I asked "In N Out?" He asked and I nodded we payed for nothing and went and had a date at home eating fast food and watching movies !

Hope you guys liked it also another idea from Dolanxfever

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