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Hmm where do i start lol
Okay so i haven't updated in a while and even tho im out of school and on summer vacation i still havent updated and i dont like that i havent posted an imagine :(
Okay but i have recently ran out of ideas so requests are still open

As for the title
I was thinking if i should do smut imagines yes or nah? Comment and tell me if i should or shouldnt and yeah but i will try my best to write imagines and to update on this book and my other books if i am not such a lazy ass

This summer is not completely boring because on July 8 its my friends birthday yay and also another event on July 8 is.........drum roll please.....the dolan twins 4ou tour concert i am going and i am so excited because i love them so much and i also got a VIP after party pass i am finally gonna meet them and im excited and nervous because i love them soooo much no words could describe i am very happy that i will be meeting the twins and Alex :D

So that is how my summer got better but of course wattpad has been my friend this summer because i have read alot of amazing book you guys write :)

So yeah tell me if you guys want me to start writing smut or nah :)

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