He asks you out (Hayes) {Requested}

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School. That's what's boring I was currently in my 3rd period which is Math and the teacher talks so slow he's like literally the boringest math teacher you could ever have
"Ok class....what is.....367•5690...divide by 6" he asked no one raised their hand so he of course had to pick me "Miss Jayleen can you please tell us the answer" he said "uhh 948.333333?" I said "correct" he said an continued the lesson once 3rd period was over I had P.E. I love P.E. Especially since there's a really cute guy his name is Hayes Grier and I liked him for a long time we always make eye contact and sometimes we would look at each other when the other persons not looking
So I changed into my sports clothes and went and played tetherball since that's the only good sport here I saw Hayes looking at me and I smiled and he quickly turned away umm ok? I played 1 on 1 with this other girl you could say she's the schools slut because she literally goes out with every boy even the ugliest ones which is nasty but the only one she hasn't gone out with was Hayes she tries and tries and tries but he doesn't want to go out with her that's sad not really I ended up winning and walked to get a drink of water when Hayes came up to me "hey Jayleen" he said he's so cute "hey Hayes" I said back kiss me right now boy "so I was wondering" he said "hmm" I said "Your so cute" "umm thank you your cute too" he said "wait did I say that out loud?" I asked and he nodded and my cheeks started to turn red that's embarrassing but he called me cute "so I was wondering Jayleen if you wanted to go out some time?" He asked and I swear my heart exploded "yeah" I said back "ok I'll pick you up at 7pm" he said "wait where?" I asked "it's a surprise and dress casual" he said back I just smiled this day couldn't be any better!!!

Hope you liked it jayleengrier1
Bye all you beautiful people😘💘

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