You get in a fight with madison (Jack Johnson)

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Just to let you guys know I don't hate Madison so don't mean to offend anyone or her it's just an imagine


It was just like every other day Jack and Jack were on tour and jack j asked me if I wanted to come of course I said yes and I'm guessing Jack g asked the same for Madison and obviously she said yes so right now we are in Miami, Florida and we were just hang out at the mall meeting some fans and of course Madison being her self she drags Jack g in a store and starts rambling on of what she wants Jack g to buy her while that is happening Jack j and I are meeting some fans their fans are cool and fun to be around with some aren't that crazy but others are but that's ok will Jack j and I are talking amongst the fans Madison decides to come up to me "hey y/n can you buy me this it only costs $100.00" she asked "uh no go and buy it yourself" I said and she hit me with her arm "yo gilinsky calm your little Barbie down before I do" I said and she looked like she wanted to kill me Jack g just shrugged ugh "umm excuse me who do you think your talking to slut" Madison said I laughed "ok now I'm the slut wow look at what your wearing where's your shirt like bruh cover up I'm covered up unlike you" I said pointing to her outfit she's basically wearing underwear and a bra that's it "uh look at what your wearing at least I dress better than you and at least I don't look like a hobo" she said "wow really I'm just trying to cover up for other boys won't look at me and if you didn't notice I have a boyfriend and so do you" I said "who cares about him" she said pointing to Jack g ok now that's the last straw no one says that about my brother I slapped Madison and she slapped me I punched her in the face and almost broke her nose she started bleeding "this is gonna cost so much to get fixed" she said I laughed " good because Jack g or any of us are gonna pay for your broken nose to get fixed go get your own money and pay for it yourself" I said walking back to Jack j that is until Madison pulled my hair I quickly swung my fist and it collided with her jaw then Jack g came running towards us "what the heck y/n" he said going towards Madison "what I just gave her what she deserves" I told him angrily that he's mad at me I read of Madison I walked back to Jack j and he hugged me "babe it's ok" he said and I nodded after a while of talking with the fans again Jack g comes up to me "I'm sorry the fans told me what happened" he said and I smiled "it's ok I forgive you but one question" I said "what?" He asked "no more Madison right?" I asked "no more Madison" he said and I smiled and he laughed then we left for their next show in LA leaving Madison behind to find her own way home

Sorry for not updating in a while but hope you guys liked this imagines message me if you want a request they are still open okay
Bye all you beautiful people💘

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