He Gets Jealous (Jack Gilinsky)

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 Jack and Jack where both on stage while i waited for the show to end. I was just backstage with Madison. Like at some times i'll like Madison but at other times i wont like i don't like her but i also don't hate her so its like a on and off situation. Madison and I weren't talking because after yesterday i don't think she'll ever talk to me

Ok so here's what happened Madison, The Jacks, and I were at the mall yesterday because I thought it would be a good idea if the jacks went and meet the fans so while the jacks were taking pictures with their fans Madison pulled me aside and told me to stay away from her future husband and by that i mean jack g aka my boyfriend she has always had this huge crush on jack and once he asked me out she stated to act different she would always try and separate me and jack that's why

So me and Madison are in a fight but no matter how hard she tries she will never break me and jack apart so today i decided that i should hang out with blondie aka jack j he is like a brother to me so i thought why not spend some time with him so once their concert was over I walked over to the jacks and i told them how an amazing their show was after that i went over to blondie because it looks like he's feeling a bit down

"Hey blondie, what's wrong?"

"nothing its fine don't worry about it"

"you sure? you know i'm always here if you need someone to talk to"

"yeah i know"

"so, do you want to tell me what's wrong??"

"i guess i can tell you"


"ok um well I sort of feel like Madison is ruining everything"

"like how exactly??"

"well like she's trying to break you and jack apart and i don't like that because you make jack happy and i care about him and also like she like tries to separate me and jack that way she can hangout with him and im tired of her always getting in the way of my friendship with jack g and yours and his relationship ya know"

"tell me about it i feel the same way, well there is nothing to worry about blondie he's your best friend and best friends stay together like they say bros before hoes you and g are like brothers and nothing can get in the way of your guys friendship"

"thanks y/n"

"no problem blondie, i'll talk to you later ok im going to get jack so we can head home"

"ight then ill meet you guys at the car"

You started to walk away and went to go look for jack.

you found jack and he was sitting on the stage "hey babe"


"what's wrong?"

"nothing its fine we should go" jack said standing up and heading towards the door

"no! tell me what's wrong and don't tell me nothings wrong cause something is wrong"

"fine, i saw you talking to jack"

"And what about it i was talking to him because something was wrong with him"

"well it looked like you prefer him over me "

"no  i don't i love you ok jack not blondie i love you not him"


"i mean it i do love you not him and what makes you think any different?"

"well its because when the concert was over you  did say our show was amazing but right that you just said that and left with jack"

"i went with him because he was feeling down and was upset abut something i cant tell you about because i think its better if he tells you himself"

"ohh so you weren't flirting with him?"

"no i wasn't flirting with him, i love you and only you ok?"

"ok i love you to and i heard about what happened yesterday about what Madison told you"

"who told you?"

 "a fan told me after the concert she heard what happened and she told me, i love you and lets just say we wont be seeing her for a while"

"what do you mean?"

"well it was easy i told her to leave back to where she came from and easily told her to back off because im in love with you and i know i sound like a complete D-BAG but someone had to tell her"

"well thank you i love you too"

"i love you more"

hey guys i know i haven't updated but i hope you guys liked this and just to tell you i don't hate Madison so don't hate on me

i love you guys!!!

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