He dies (jack gilinsky)

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You were getting ready for yours and jacks date when your phone buzzed you looked at it and it was a text from Blondie aka Jack j

Blondie ☺️- come to the hospital quick and hurry!!!

You- ok ok I'm on my way!

You put your shoes on and a sweater and you headed out the door and into your car
You got to the hospital and saw Jack j standing there with bloodshot eyes and tears in his eyes he was crying you walked up to him "I'm here what happened?!!!" I asked him "Jack he got in a car accident and was immediately rushed into the ER" Jack j said sobbing still "will he make it" I said with tears forming in my eyes "the doctor said there was a 40% chance he will make it" Jack said and I started to cry
About 40 minutes later the doctor came out "we tried the best we can, I'm sorry for your lost" the doctor said and left I started to cry hard and Jack j was just holding me in his arms
that was the day I lost the love of my life and that was the day Jack J lost his best friend

Hope you liked it sorry for not updating hey but I'm here☺️an dim sorry this was short

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