He hits you (part 3)

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Once you got to the hospital you ran to the front "what room is Taylor Caniff in?" "We only allow family" "I'm his girlfriend!" "Ma'am calmed down but may I ask who your here with?" "His mom" "ok thank you he is in room 31 take the elevator to the 3rd floor 2nd door to you left" "thank you" you ran to the elevator and waited once it got to the 3rd floor you ran to the room number he was in you saw half of the boys waiting outside with bloodshot eyes and messy hair they probably haven't slept in a while you headed towards where they were they looked up and saw you "what happened?" You asked carter "why would you care?" He asked while the others told Taylor's mom what happened "because I'm his girlfriend and I care about him!" "Sure you do that's why you didn't answer any of our texts and ignored Taylor for 2 weeks yes he hit you but he was sorry really sorry I've never seen him care and love someone so much he didn't eat for 1 week and was miserable the 2nd week he has been here in the hospital he is in a coma right now and we are not sure when he will wake up the doctor said if he doesn't wake up in 6 more days the pull the plug" "omg what have I done this is all my fault if I would have just talked to him wait..did you say he loves me?" Carter nodded his head you started crying carter then pulled you in for a hug you pulled away for a second and asked "why is he here?" "He tried to commit suicide" Carter said you cried even harder then the door to his hospital room open to reveal the rest of the guys "can I see him please" your voice cracking at the end they all nodded their heads you walked in to see him laying there peacefully you go beside his bed and sat on the chair you grabbed his hand kissed him and the cheek and started crying
"T-Taylor I'm so sorry this happened this is all m-my f-fault I should have just listened to all those texts the boys sent me telling me to come to the hospital but I didn't I broke my promise when I promised I would be there for you no matter what but I broke it because I didn't come when you needed me the most gosh I'm such a bad girlfriend I should have just talked to you and worked things out but no I didn't and since I don't talk to you for 2 weeks I hate myself because look at you your in the hospital because of me because I didn't let you say sorry to me when you really were sorry I'm so sorry Taylor please stays strong you can do this please Taylor I don't want to lose you I miss you I-i love you I'm so sorry I love you so much Taylor please wake up" you started to cry harder

Taylor's Pov:
I need to wake up I miss her so much to its wasn't her fault she needs to know that in the sorry one I'm the one that hit her I need to wake up I love her so much

Back to your Pov:
I cried and cried and cried I couldn't stop crying atleast I got some sleep I felt someone shake me and I said "not now Matt I'm not going to leave Taylor" I said "since when did my name change to Matt?" I looked up and saw Taylor awake "Taylor! I'm so sorry this is all my fault I love you so much I'm a bad girlfriend I should have been ther-" I got cut off by Taylor's lips on mine he piled away and said "this wasn't your fault if anything this is my fault I should be the sorry one I'm the one that hit you and I regret ever doing that to you your not a horrible girlfriend I love you so much y/n I'm so so sorry that I ever hit you in the first place" "I forgive you Taylor I love you too just promise me one thing please" "what?" "Please don't ever self harm again or even have suicidal thoughts please" "I promise and I also promise never to hurt you in anyway again" "I love you"
"I love you too y/n" you both kissed and were interrupted by the boys coming in and yelling he's awake and blah blah blah

Taylor got out of the hospital 2 days later and never ever since has you two broke your promises

Well I hoped you liked it I know it's long and dramatic lol but I just hope it was good! :)

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