He likes your twin more (Part 2) Nash BSM

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  Nash's Pov:

While me and Isabella went to get food i felt like I was forgetting something but I choose to ignore it
While me and Isabella where eating our ice-cream she asked if we could take y/n something and that's when it hit me I forgot my lil baby sister at home alone
I told Isabella that we need to leave now
Once me and Isabella got to the car I immediately started driving How could I forget my lil sister?
When I got home I saw y/n laying on the couch I looked for Isabella to tell her to go to her room but I guess she went straight to her room
I headed torwards y/n to wake her up and once I got to her height I saw that she had tear stains on her cheeks I shook her lightly and she woke up.

Y/n's Pov
I woke up to someone shaking me when I opened my eyes to see who it was it was Nash I turned my body not facing him because I was upset and mad at him for forgetting me here at home all alone "y/n,look at me please" Nash said I didn't say anything and silently cried
The I hear the front door open and I look to see who it is and its hate so get up off the couch and run to him he picks me up and I asks me "what's wrong?" I don't answer him I just point at Nash and start crying.
He asks me why I'm pointing to Nash then I say "he hates me he doesn't love me he only loves Isabella then he left me here all by myself alone and scared and then I cried myself to sleep because I was thinking about how much he loves Isabella but he doesn't love me" you say through sobs
By now Hayes looks mad and Nash looks upset
"Is there anything else you want to tell me y/n?" Hayes asked
"No, but all I can say right now is.." I turn to Nash and that's when I blow "I HATE YOU I ACTUALLY THOUGHT MY IDOL WOULD LOVE ME BUT HE DOESNT ALL I HAVE LEFT IT HAYES AT LEAST HE Actually loves me" I whispered the last part between sobs and run up to my room and fall on my bed and start crying my little heart out.
I hear a little knock on the door and I ask "who is it?" Still crying "it's Nash can I come in?" He sounds like he's crying I felt bad for what I said to him I don't hate him I love him I quietly open the door and go back to my bed i felt the bed sink and two  arms wrap around me " I'm sorry y/n I love you so so so much I'm sorry that it doesn't seem like I love you but trust me I do i care about you a lot I ignore you because when I leave for tours I'll miss you even more I'm so so so sorry I know it's not a good apology but I promise I will make it up to you" "I'm sorry Nash I'm sorry I told you I hate you I don't hate you I love you your best big brother And I'm lucky I have a brother like you I love you so so much too" " I'll make it up to you what about y/n and Nash day we'll go do watever you want" he said "I would love too"
And since then you and Nash were closer than ever

(I know this story sucked im sorry I'll try and do better ones)

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