He loses your guys son (Ethan)

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Go and follow dolanxlovee she gave me this idea so thank you
You,Ethan and your guys son Devon were at the mall you went to Forever 21 while they went to ToysRus.

Ethan's P.O.V
So y/n went to forever 21 and Devon and I went to the toy store well toysrus
"Daddy can I get something?" He asked "well yeah we are here to buy you toys and me some toys" I said but whispered the last part to myself "yay" he said we walked to where the boys toys were and I got distracted by some toy cars I had a ballerina shirt on and a princess crown with my little wond thingy and I was playing with the toy cars then I saw y/n walk in and she found me "Ethan what are you doing wait first what are you wearing" she said laughing "where's Devon?" She asked "he's righ- wait he was right here a minute ago" I said "ETHAN!!!" She screamed but not loud enough for the people at the front to hear her "shh! Let's go look for him" I said "Devon!" "Devon" "Devon" "daddy I'm over here" I said walking towards the voice and he was right there were all the action figures were he had a batman cape on and he wad the mask on too
I laughed "he's just like you Ethan" y/n said coming up behind me "he wonders off a lot like you and he likes to dress up at stores where people look at you weird because your dressed like a little girl" she said I looked at myself and laughed then I saw other people around us and they were looking at me weird "well we should go, Devon did you pick anything yet?" I asked "yeah" he said I picked him up and payed for his batman costume and his superman and Spider-Man action figures and we left and went to go eat food!!

Thank you again for the idea and I hope you all liked it
Bye all you beautiful people 💚

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