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This is for @Suppose07
Hope you like it girl


So it's been about 3 weeks since Ethan and I have broke up I've been miserable I miss Ethan and I still love him but I have a boyfriend he's okay I guess I love him tho but not as much as I loved Ethan my boyfriends name is Matt we have been together for about 1 week and he knows about Ethan but didn't really care about him
I haven't heard from Ethan since our break up
Matt and I were at the mall shopping for Matt as always but it don't bother me I just really miss Ethan
Matt bought me some shoes and some clothes
We were in hot topic just about to pay when I saw Grayson,Aaron,and Ethan walk in
I looked at Ethan carefully and he had messy hair,bags under his eyes, bloodshot eyes like if he were to be crying, and he just looked miserable once he spotted me he turned back around and left the store and so did Grayson and Aaron but they didn't see me I just looked back at Matt and saw he was just getting watever he wanted and I just stood next to him

Ethan's POV
I saw Clarissa and I just ran out I couldn't look at her I'm miserable enough I just can't look at her without feeling heartbroken and the need to cry
"Yo Ethan wait up!" I heard Aaron and Grayson yell
I stopped and they finally catches up to me "Ethan what happened?" Grayson asked "I saw Clarissa in there with her boyfriend" I said silently with now watery eyes "oh Ethan don't cry" Grayson said hugging me and I just cried "it's going to be okay bro" Aaron said "I don't think I'll love anyone as much as I loved her" I said crying hard but silently

Clarissa's POV
Matt and I were finished paying and we were heading out hot topic when I saw Grayson hugging Ethan and Aaron trying to cheer him up then I got a glance of Ethan and he was crying hard
"What a loser" Matt said "what do you mean Matt?" I asked confused "he's basically crying like a little kid wanting something" he said laughing and I just stopped and stared at him "why would you say that" I said "what so you guys broke up he needs to get over it" Matt said "so would you do the same if we broke up" "maybe" "well then guess what?" "What?" "We're done" I said and he just looked shocked I ran to Ethan and Grayson and Aaron saw me I looked at them then Ethan trying to tell them can I? They both nodded Ethan looked at them and I grabbed his face surprising Ethan and kissed him
God I missed his lips and him
He kissed back and our lips were moving in sync
We pulled apart and he looked at me smiling
"I missed you" I said to him hugging him "I missed you too" "I love you Ethan" "I love you too Clarissa" "Ethan" "yeah" "May I be your girlfriend again" "yes" I smiled at him and he smiled back "now no more tears" I said wiping his tears away and he chuckled and nodded
"Awwwww" I heard someone say
We looked back and saw Aaron and Grayson recording until they saw us "we weren't doing anything just looking at some snapchat stories" Aaron said trying to make up an excuse
"Mmhm" I said we laughed and walked around

Hope you liked it!!!

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