I'd Always Come To Find You(Grayson)

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Grayson's Pov
Shaira and I were walking to an event that was just a few blocks down from where I lived.
Once we got there, it was packed.
We stayed for about an hour or 2 and were just about to leave when I had to use the restroom.
Shaira and I both walked to where the restrooms were.
"Do you need to use the restroom?", I asked her.
"No, I'll wait out here for you", she replied.
There were a lot of people and I was unsure if I should just let her wait out here, but I had to use the restroom really bad so I just said okay and went in.
Shaira's Pov
While I was waiting for Grayson to finish using the restroom.
I felt a hand cover my mouth and another slip around my waist.My eyes widened in fear so I started to thrash around in whoever's arms I was in, trying to release for it's grip.
The person dragged me somewhere away from the bathroom and the event.
I kept thrashing and I almost got out of the person's grip, but they held onto me tighter.
The person then stopped at an abandoned street, the person then threw me against a brick wall.
Then the person grabbed me by the arm and stood me up so that my back was on the wall.
I looked up and the person that had kidnapped me was my ex-boyfriend.
"Jack?" I said tilting my head to side to look at his face better and it was him.
Tears started to form in my eyes "no,no,no" I started to say to myself as I tried to get his hands off me.
"Missed Me?" he said as a smirk started to form on his lips and as he started to unbutton my shorts.
Grayson's Pov
I finished using the bathroom and washed my hands.
I grabbed a paper towel and dried my hands, I threw the wet paper towel in the trash and went outside.
When I left the restrooms, I didn't see Shaira so I quickly grabbed my phone out of my pocket and called Shaira.
As it was calling, I saw a light on a sidewalk across the street from where the bathroom was so I quickly ran to it.
As I made it to the sidewalk I bent down and grabbed the phone and it was Shaira's.
"Where could you possibly be, unless, oh heck no" I said and started to run to the abandoned street that I used to live on.
I just hope it didn't also happen to her.
I slowed down a bit and when I turned, I looked to where the brick wall was at and I saw a person laying there.
I walked up closer and saw that it was Shaira, so I quickly ran to her.
"Shaira, Shaira!" I said shaking her to wake her up as I sat her gently on my lap. "Grayson?" she asked quietly "I'm here, I'm here" I said and she quickly wrapped her arms around me.
"I thought you'd never come and find me" she said to me as she started to cry.
"I'd always come to find you" I said as I got up with her still in my arms and walked down back to the event where an ambulance was waiting for her.
A tear left my eye and wished this had never happened.
I should have just told her to go into the girl's restroom and wait there.
I should have never brought her to the event, I didn't think this would happen I thought they stopped.
I should have just told her I was raped at the same abandoned street she was at right now.
3rd Person's Pov
Grayson finally told Shaira that the same thing that happened to her happened to him as well.
Shaira was able to leave the hospital and when she did get out, she went to the Police Station and told them what had happened.
Grayson told them that the same thing happened last year, seeing as the Police need more than 1 story to file a report on Jack.
About 2 weeks later, Jack was arrested for rape and for selling drugs.
Shaira and Grayson both moved to California with Ethan and started a new life there.

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