He likes your twin more (Nash)BSM

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Today your brothers Nash and Hayes were coming home.
You and Hayes got along every well with each other even you and your twin sister Isabella. Nash on the other hand didn't really get along with you which was weird because he get along with everyone in the family except you.
So will you and Isabella were coloring you guys heard the doorbell your mom rushed down the stairs yelling "I got it girls!" When your mom opened the door there stood your two brothers.
You and Isabella ran torwards Nash and Hayes
Isabella went to Nash and Hayes and gave them a hug
You only hugged Hayes because Nash was to busy with Isabella and skylynn(sorry I forgot how to spell her name)
You signed and went back to coloring Hayes knows when your upset so he went up to you and asked "what's wrong" you just said "nothing" with a fake smile and he believed it.
Hayes went out with some friends your mom and skylynn went I don't know where and Nash,Isabella,and you were the only ones left at home
You went to go take a nap for a while since you stayed up all night yesterday because of a nightmare
When you woke up from what seemed a long time the whole house was silent you went downstairs and and checked the whole house and that when you realized you were left alone you went to the couch and ended up crying yourself to sleep because of the thought that Nash liked your twin more than you.

(There will be a part 2 for nash)

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