I Have My Reasons (Nash)

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As I was walking down the hallway to my next class, i noticed that i haven't seen Nash at all today and we have all of our classes together. I decided not to think to much of it and walked into my English class.
As i did, i saw Nash sitting where we usually sit, so i quickly made my way over to the seat next to him.

I sat down and turned to face him "Nash?" i said softly and he turned to face me, but he turned back around the second he saw my face. I lightly tugged at his arm to get him to look at me, but he didn't "Nash, please talk to me, why are you ignoring me?" i asked.

"I have my reasons" he said still not looking at me and that was the last thing he said before the teacher walked in and started teaching the lesson.

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Class was over now and Nash rushed out the door before anyone else left and i tried to quickly follow him.

"Nash! Nash!" i yelled as he ran to field and i ran after him. Once i caught up to him i grabbed him by the arm to try and stop him.

"Nash, why are you acting like this, please just tell me what i did wrong!" i shouted at him clearly getting frustrated and confused on why he's been ignoring me.

It was silent and all i was able to hear was both of our heavy breathing and all the students laughing and talking in the back ground.

I lightly tugged at his arm "Nash" i said softly, he then turned and looked at me with watery red eyes. I was shocked because why was he crying?

"Nash, what happened?" i asked

"She dumped me" he said almost in a whisper.

"Why?" i asked because of course he wasn't crying about being dumped there has to be more to it than that because if one thing i knew about Nash was that he doesn't cry for simple little things like that, i mean he's been dumped before and he's never once cried about it.

"Because...because i told her i was in love with someone else and i can't be in love with them because they don't feel the same way and it hurts because i know that if i told them it would ruin everything" he said as tears slowly rolled down his cheeks. I gently wiped his tears away and cupped his cheek with the palm of my hand.

"Who is this person you're in love with?" i asked giving him a small smile.

And with just one simple answer i felt like my heart was finally fully filled with love for this boy.

"You." he said before gently and softly putting his lips onto mine. I moved my lips against his, as he began to do the same. We stayed kissing for a few minutes before i pulled away and smiled up at him.

"Is this why you were ignoring me all this time because you were afraid i didn't feel the same way?" i said with a sly smirk on my lips and he just smiled.

"Like i said, i have my reasons" he said before pulling me into another sweet loving kiss.


I hoped you guys liked this little short imagine and i'm sorry i haven't posted in a while cause you know with school and homework and at times i don't have time for social media, but i'm trying i am. I just i need to do me first yeah know, maybe when it's Summer Vacation i will be able to do more imagines and maybe another book?
Much Love ~Cristina xx

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