Im sorry (shawn imagine)

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"Y/n please tell me this isnt real and that you didnt cheat on me" he said recently shawn has been touring lately and i hardly get to see him so yesterday i asked my best guy friend if he wanted to hang out he said yes but when we were at the park sitting on the bench he just kissed me out of nowhere so I pulled away quickly but before i could im guessing a fan caught a pic of the kiss and sent it to shawn saying i was cheating
"Yes its real but-" "but what y/n have you been doing things i dont know when im on tour" "No look shawn let me explain" i said "why the picture says it all" shawn said pointing to the picture then resting his head down i went to where he was and put my hand on his back making him look up "i invited him over to hang out because he was one of my best friends so we went to the park when we went we sat on the bench and out of nowhere he kissed me but i quickly pulled away but the fan must have caught it before i could pull away once that happened i slapped him told him to never talk to me again and he said why and then i said because i have an amazing boyfriend named shawn and once i said that i took of running to the house" i explained shawn pulled me into a hug "im sorry im just worried one day while im on tour you'll find someone else" "trust me shawn you and I are in for the long run" i said he looked at me and smiled i kissed his lips and ive missed them i missed him he kissed back and soon things got carried away

Sorry for the long update but hope you guys liked it

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