Hayes grier (imagine)

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Today You were going to your best friends house aka Hayes house to work on a project for science.
You woke up and did your morning routine.
You took a shower and changed into one of Hayes favorite outfits
A 'Mickey mouse crop top with black skinny jeans and red vans'
You've been having feelings toward Hayes the first day you guys have met you have never told him because you didn't want to ruin your guys friendship and also because you thought he wouldn't like you back (but little did you know Hayes likes you too)
You were done getting ready,ate breakfast, got your things and you were on your way to Hayes house
Once you got there you knocked on the front door waiting for someone to open the door

Hayes Pov : (you didn't expect that did you)
I was done getting ready and then I heard a knock at the front door I went downstairs and opened the door to reveal y/n
"Hi" y/n said "h-hey" dammit i stuttered "can I come in?"she said
"Yea,sure, we can either work in the kitchen,living room,or my room it's up to you"I said
"I don't really care where"she said after she said that I walked torwards my room with y/n following behind.

Y/n's Pov :

Hayes seemed nervous 'why?' I thought to myself we were heading to Hayes room I followed behind Hayes once we got to his room
I was surprised he actually cleaned him room for once (Lol)
We sat down and started our project

1 hour later

Finally! We finished the project and I'm 100% sure we will get and A+
Me and Hayes we currently sitting in the floor in silence until he spoke
"I have to tell you something"
"What is it Hayes?"
"I don't want to be your best friend no more" he said
I sat there trying not to cry
"No no no not like that I mean what I'm trying to tell you is that I want to be more that just friends y/n I have liked you since the day I've met you I just didn't know how to tell you because I was scared you wouldn't like me back I understand if you don't lik-" I cut Hayes off by lightly kissing his lips
"I like you took Hayes" you admit
"Y-you do?"
You smiled and nodded
"Yeah Hayes?"
"Will you be my girlfriend?"
You smiled and said "I would love to be your girlfriend Hayes"

That was the start of a beautiful relationship!

Hey guys I hoped you guys liked it

I know it was long

I tried my best and i hope you guys all liked it

I love you guys!x

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