Cameron Dallas (Imagine)

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You found out that your boyfriend of 8 months has cheated on you with the biggest slut in the whole school.
You found them both making out on the couch. You ran out yelling it's over with tears in your eyes.
Once you got home you slammed the front door and headed to your room slamming the door behind you and you laid down on your bed.
'Why am I crying over someone who hurt me' 'I shouldn't be crying for someone who's stupid enough to cheat on me' 'I mean he just lost a whole piece of this' you thought as you laughed at your last thought.
You decided to text your best friend Cameron you sort of been having feelings towards him but you knew he wouldn't like you back.


Y= hey can you come over please? :(

C= sure I'll be over in 10 bye beautiful!😘

You smiled and blushed 'Cameron just called me beautiful'
You waited for Cameron to come then you heard the front door open you knew it was Cameron because you gave him a key to your house
You heard footsteps coming
Then you heard a small knock
"Can I come in y/n?" "Yea" you said quietly still heart broken
You felt the bed dip so you turned to face Cameron
"What happened y/n?" Cam asked
"He cheated on me Cameron"
"He did what now!! I swear I will kick that boys ass if I see him"
"Can I watch?" You say quietly
"Look y/n don't cry your to beautiful to cry ok"
"ok" you say quietly "y/n I have something to tell you" cam said sitting up
"What cam?" You say also sitting up
"I uhh I wanted to tell you that.."
"Tell me what Cameron?"
" I have liked you since the day I met you y/n.when I saw that you were dating that douchebag i was sad and I felt like my world fell apart but I still helped you and supported you all the way I like you a lot y/n your smile,your personality, everything about you your beautiful y/n I don't want to ruin our friendship so yea I just needed to tell you" he said
You just sat there speechless you never once in your life thought your best friend/crush would like you back
"Cameron I-" you got cut off by Cameron
"I understand if you don't like me back gosh this is embarrassing I should of never said anything gosh I rui-" you cut him off by kissing him on the lips he didn't hesitate to kiss you back
You pulled away and looked up at Cameron
"I like you too I've liked you for quite a while now"
"You do?"
You nodded
"Y/n?"cam said "yea?" "Will you be my girlfriend?" You smiled and said "yes,I will be your girlfriend!"

And that was the start of a beautiful relationship

(Sorry I haven't updated but I hope you guys like this imagine I know it was long but I hoped you guys liked it I love you guys)

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