First I love you (jack g)

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I woke up this morning and got a message from Jack G

Babe❤️: meet me at the park in 1 hour

Y/n: why?

Babe❤️: I have something to tell you

Y/n: fineeee!

Babe❤️: ok bye

Y/n: umm bye

End of convo

Ugh why hasn't he told me I love you I'm starting to think he wants to break up with me
I got in the shower and got dressed into a crop top and some high wasted shorts with black converse and walked downstairs to get my phone and went out the door
I got into my car and drove to the park
There were little cards on the trees the card told me to follow the rose pedals I looked down on the floor and followed the rose pedals once I got to the end I found another note it said 'turn around'
I turned around and Jack was standing there with a bouquet  of roses we walked towards me and handed me the roses then he bent down on one knees and I covered my mouth with my hand "don't worry it's a promise ring,I promise to always be there for you when times go rough and I promise to never break your heart until I die and I promise to always love you, I love you 💗y/n"
"I love you too Jack" he put the promise ring on and leaned in so did I and we kissed our lips moved in sync
This day couldn't get any better later you and Jack went home and had a fun night ;)

Credits go to my best friend Shatha she doesn't have an account but she wrote this imagine so thank her this was her first try and maybe later she'll create a wattpad account
I love you guys and thank you for the 2k reads you guys are the best!!❤️

Ok her user is omgitzshatha she made one yesterday

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