He hits you (Taylor)

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"Why did you cheat on me y/n!" "Taylor I didn't cheat on you that was my brother.i haven't seen him in 1 year and that was my only chance I got to spend with him because after that he will be heading back to the military!" "Sure y/n why can't you just tell me the truth!" "I am telling you the truth Taylor!" "Stop lying!" "IM N-" you got cut off by a hand connecting to your cheek
You just stood there shocked and trying to proses everything that's happened and then it hits you Taylor just hit you you never thought he would hit you "y/n" Taylor said you flinched thinking he would do it again "I'm sorry y/n I didn't mean to hurt you I don't know what got to me I-" you cut him off "leave,get out please" "y/n I-" "LEAVE!" You yelled
Tears forming in his eyes "please" you said calmly he nodded and left once he left you broke down crying and cried your self to sleep trying to think if you will ever talk to him again.

I know Taylor wouldn't do that but any who I hoped you liked it there will be a part 2 so yay lol

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