You both secretly like eachother (carter)

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I was hanging out with the boys because Shawn invited me
I didn't really want to go because carter was gonna be there ok I have to admit I like carter but he doesn't like me you can clearly tell he's always hated me and I don't know why I've never done anything to him but I guess that's how life is
We were currently playing video games Hayes and I were messing around and then carter had to say something negative about me again "y/n Hayes doesn't like you so stop trying to hit on every guy you slut" he said I stopped playing around and tears started to form in my eyes I quickly ran into the bathroom why would he say that? Why do I even like him if all he does is insult me I hear a knock on the door "y/n can I come in?" I'm assuming it's carter "why so you can tell me that I'm the biggest slut that I'm a hoe no thank you carter you've already said enough and I'm tired of it why do you hate me?"I asked through the door "let me explain please y/n open the door so I can explain" he said I opened the door to see carter crying "look just let me explain" he said I nodded my head and closed the door behind me "look I don't hate you and I regret all those things I've said to you the truth is I like you ok" he said "but still why would you say all those things if you liked me?" I asked "because I thought you wouldn't like me back I thought you wouldn't talk to me so I started to say those things to get your attention and I didnt mean for it to come this far I never meant to start this at all I shouldn't have said the things I said and if I could take them all back I would" he said I smiled "I like you too carter" I said he smiled and we started to lean on our lips touched and moved in perfect sync we pulled apart and I hugged carter "please never say those things ever again" I said "I wouldn't dream of it" he said we walked out the bathroom hand in hand to be met with a lot of confused faces carter and I sat down next to each other looking at one another
And that was a start of a beautiful relationship! :)

Hoped you guys liked this imagine and I'll try to update more often I promise oh and go check out my other books
Love you guys bye❤️

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