He forgets your birthday (matt)

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Today was your birthday yay!!  Your turning 17 You woke up next to no Matt you thought he was downstairs so you got up from bed and went to go and see if Matt was there .
When you got downstairs you saw no Matt but you did find a note on the counter

Y/n, I went to a photoshop with the boys later on me and the boys will be going to a meet and greet I'll be home later than usual like around 10 don't worry I'll be home I love you!
                            Love, Matt

Wow just great I guess I'll be spending my birthday alone
You signed and went to the couch and turned on the tv since it was already 11 am

6 hours later

Your still at home coming nothing and Matt hasn't come yet neither has he even called you to say happy birthday no one has

2 hours later

You sighed and went to yours and matts room you got your phone and went on Twitter nothing from Matt but you did get some dm's from fans
You got a call from Cameron so you answered it

(Y=you C=cam)

C-heyyy y/n how ya been girllll!!

Y-heyyyy cam I've been fine


Y-thanks cam *laughs*

C-hey I gtg talk to ya later?

Y-sure why not

C-k bye gurl

Y-byee to you too gurlfriend

You signed and went to the kitchen
You were alittle upset that not only did Matt forget your birthday but cam was the only one who actually said happy birthday always he cared

3 hours later (10:00 pm)

Ughh Matt still hasn't came and he hasn't said anything to you not even a simple happy birthday you were upset with him you were currently on your bed when you here the front door open you went downstairs to find Matt hanging his jacket up
When he saw you he went to hug you but you just turned around and say on the couch

"Y/n what's wrong?" Matt asked you didn't answer him your just gonna have to give him the silent treatment
"Y/n tell me what's wrong babe" you ignored him again "so your just gonna give me the silent treatment for a reason I don't know?" You ignored him once again "come on don't be like this y/n tell me What I did to make you give me the silent treatment cuz I don't know why" "do you remember what today is Matt?" "Wednesday?" "Today's my birthday Matt I turned 17 today! And you forgot didn't you" "yes I did forget I'm sorry y/n" "you think a little sorry is gonna fix anything?!" "No" "exactly! And you didn't a least call me to say anything you just a wrote a note and left" "babe-" you cut him off "just don't please" Matt signed and started to kiss your neck he knew that was your weak spot you couldn't help but moan "Matt-" "no y/n let me make it up to you please" "ok" he leaned in and kissed you lips roughly but passionate he picked you up and went upstairs
And you all know what that lead too! ;)

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