You get your period unexpected (Taylor)

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I got ready today because me and Taylor were going to the mall and yes Taylor is my boyfriend and I love him to death so I was getting ready and Taylor walked in the room "don't you look beautiful" he said smirking "I'm not even dressed" I said giggling "i know" he said and winked I rolled my eyes and kicked him out ohh Taylor
I finished getting ready and we headed out the door
*skip car ride*
We got to the mall and we were just walking around we went to Victoria's Secret then we went to Hot Topic then after that we went to the aracade and got Starbucks and last we ate food so now we are just walking around and I feel Taylor tap my shoulder "babe tie this around your waist" he said giving me his jacket "why?" I asked confused "just put it on please babe" he said I grabbed his jacket and tied it around my waist and then he wrapped his arms around my waist ok something's up "Ok somethings up" I said turning towards him "babe you started your period" he whispered in my ear I blushed and covered my face then Taylor removed my hands and softly kissed me on the lips "this is so embarrassing" I said embarrassed "it's ok babe its natural" he said turning me around and once again wrapping his arms around my waist and this time I didn't stop him "let's go home and get you cleaned up and we'll just have a lot of junk food to eat, movies to watch, and lots of cuddles" he said I nodded and we headed home I couldn't ask for a better boyfriend!

Sorry for not updating in so long but I have to say thanks to Dolanxfever  for helping me and giving me some ideas so go follow her and bye all you beautiful people ☺️

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