He's your best friend and he dies (cameron) {Requested}

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Cameron and I were just driving around town and then Cameron looks at me "do you want to go back or??" Cam asked "idk whatever you want" I said back to him "no it's your choice" he said "hmm I guess we can-CAMERON LOOK OUT" I screamed but it was too late
*at hospital*
I woke up to a white ceiling with light shining on me am I in heaven but no I'm at the hospital what happened? Then the doctor came in
"Oh Ms.Jennifer I see your away" he said "please call me Jenny Ms.Jennifer just sounds weird" I said "um may I ask what happened doc?" I asked "well you see you and your friend Cameron were in a car accident you were ok just some bruises and a broken arm and Cameron well the other car that crashed with your guys car hit Cameron's side and he had to be rushed into surgery I'm sorry umm Jenny but there is a 50-50 percent chance he won't make it I'm so sorry" with that the doctor let and j started to cry hard
I got out of the hospital but Cameron didn't he was in a coma they said today they would pull the plug if he didn't wake up I don't think he will tho I've prayed so hard for him to wake up but nothing was working so today was the last day I would say my goodbye
"Cameron if you an hear me I'm sorry this happened I love you your my best friend and I loved you more than that please don't forget me I will always love you and I'm so stupid I've never said it before everything ever happened truth is I liked you no I loved you but now it's to late just know this isn't goodbye I'll see you on day again I love you Cameron" I said crying "miss it's time" the nurse said I nodded and they pulled the plug and put the white sheet over him and I cried and cried and cried every single day and I would even visit him I found someone else and I knew no matter how far we are he will always be my #1

Omg this made me cry myself
Here you go jennipc hope you liked it
Bye all you beautiful people 💘

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