His parents get into an agruement in front of you (Cameron)

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"Babe what if they don't like me?" I asked Cameron "I'm sure my mom and sister will love you" Cameron said "what about your dad?" I asked "you ready?" He asked "Cameron. Please don't ignore my question what about your dad?" I said he signed "look don't worry about him he's not gonna be there" Cameron said smiling at me and I smiled back why won't he tell me?
We got in the car and drove to his moms house
*skip car ride*
We stopped at a really beautiful house it was kinda huge Cameron and I got out of the car and I was nervous Cameron knocked on the door and held my hand and a lady I'm guess cams mom opened the door "hi, you must be y/n Cameron has told me about you" cams mom told me and I just blushed and smiled "hi, Mrs.Dallas it's good to finally meet you" I said hugging her "you can all me Gina and I am divorced so I'm not a Mrs come in please" Gina said Cameron grabbed my hand and we walked inside "so is Cameron treating you right he's not hurting you is he?" Gina said I giggled "no Cameron hasn't hurt me and he never will he's treating me how a girl is supposed to be treated" I told her she smiled "well that's good" she said I nodded then I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and a really pretty girl came down "hi, you must be y/n it's so good to meet you" cams sister said "it's good to finally meet you to Sierra" I said she smiled and I smiled back "how'd you know my name?" She asked "Cameron always talks about you and your mom" I said "oh he does" she said looking at me smiling and I nod my head and I turn around to see Cameron blushing "guys dinner is almost ready" Gina called out "ok thanks mom" Cameron. Said back and I smiled Sierra,Cameron and I walked to the table "do you need any help Gina?" I asked she smiled "yes actually, can you help me with setting the plates,spoons,forks and napkins on the table please" she said "yeah" I said I got the plates and the materials and I set them on the table "need any help babe?" "No I got this" I said back to Cameron "thank you dear ok now who's hungry" she said we all laughed and then we got interrupted by the front door "hey guys don't start without me" a voice said "oh no" Cameron, Gina, and Sierra said "what?" I asked "that's my dad" Cameron said why is it bad? "What are you doing here?" Gina asked cams dad "what I came to see my son, daughter and his girlfriend is that to much" he said "last time I checked your not allowed in this house and your no allowed to see them!!!" Gina screamed
Gina and cams dad were screaming back and forth and I was starting to get scared and I saw Sierra crying so I went and hugged her Cameron must of saw because then he screamed "STOP!!!" Cameron shouted and his mom and dad looked at him he got in front of his dad scared but confedent "WHY ARE YOU HERE YOU NEVER ONCE IN YOUR LIFE CAME TO VISIT US EVER SINCE YOU AND MOM GOT DIVORCED!!! AND YOUR NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO SEE US ANYMORE YOUR NOT EVEN ALLOWED NEAR US OR EVEN IN THIS HOUSE!!! JUST LEAVE NOW AND NEVER COME BACK I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU OR YOU FACE EVER AGAIN!!" Cameron shouted at his dad with tears streaming down his face and with that his dad left I got up and went to hug his I wiped away his tears and I smiled at him "I'm sorry" he said "don't be you should be proud you stood up to him" I said his mom and Sierra hugged him "thank you" his mom said to him "your welcome mom" he said back "awwwww" I said maybe alittle to loud for everyone could hear they all looked at me and we laughed "Ok who's hungry cuz I sure am" Cameron said heading to the table "oh Cameron" the three of us girls said at the same time and we all laughed and had a good time forgetting anything ever happened earlier

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