I'll still love you even if it wasn't how i wanted too (Louis)

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"Why...just why?" i asked as my tears streamed down my face.

"I didn't mean for it to happen the way it did" he said

"But it happened either way, you knew what you were doing Louis but you didn't even try to stop it did you?" i asked my voice cracking a bit.

"I'm sorry y/n, please you have to believe me this time that i won't do it again and i will change for you, i promise" he said

Those words were always familiar, everytime Louis would do something like this and I always ended up forgiving him either way because i believed he would change, but he hasn't.

"No, please stop, you know you don't mean it and just like every other time you say the same thing and say you will change, but you haven't Louis and we can't..I can't keep doing this" i said looking at him in the eyes with tears streaming down my cheeks.

"Y/n, please don't tell me what i think your going to tell me, please no i promise i will change..please just please don't leave me" Louis said as his eyes started to water, although i did feel bad i just couldn't do this relationship at least not with him.

"I'm sorry, i still love you Louis, but i just can't do us anymore and we both know this isn't going to work out" i said softly trying my best not to let anymore tears fall out of my eyes.

"Y/n, babe, please don't leave me", he said as tears streamed down him face. I couldn't be here much longer because i know that if i stay i don't think i'll ever leave and i feel so bad for doing this, but what about what i've been through, what he put me through, i just can't be with him any longer. I'll always love him, i just won't love him the way i wanted to.

"I'm sorry, just know i'll always love you okay" i said as i grabbed my bag and my car keys and headed back to my apartment as i started to pack for Uni.

Although it wasn't how i always planned things would go down with Louis and I, i know that what the future holds for me is something that i would have never expected.


I know in the beginning i said i wouldn't be writing anymore 1D and 5sos, but i have been deciding whether to or not write different imagines i guess, like this would still be a book full of imagines, but just will alot of different people like your favorite actors, singers,etc.
I don't know yet, but besides that i'm sorry if this little short imagine was confusing, but i had an idea for this imagine and i tried to put it the way i wanted it to turn out, but i don't think it came out good or whatever. I just hoped you guys liked it. You guys can decide what happened that made you and Louis spilt lol. Yes, by Louis i mean Louis Tomlinson.

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