Kissed the wrong twins (grayson) {Requested}

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I woke up this morning with no Grayson on my bed so I got up and went to the bathroom I did my business then I took a shower
I got out of the shower got ready did my hair and brushed my teeth
I went downstairs to see if Grayson was there and he wasn't then i went to the kitchen and there he was standing
"Good morning babe" I said he turned around confused and went back to what he was doing uh ok? So I turned him around and kissed him then he pulled away "why are you acting so weird Grayson" I asked "because I'm not Grayson" he said I just laughed "your really funny Grayson" I said "no I'm telling the truth" he said "wait so your Ethan?" I said he nodded I examined him face and I didn't see the freckle or mole whatever you call it on his chin "oh my gosh Grayson's gonna hate me" I said pacing back and fourth "hey don't worry" "how am I not suppose to worry he's my boyfriend what if he breaks up with me?" I told Ethan "don't worry we will tell him it was and accident cuz well we are identical we look exactly the same so he'll understand" Ethan said "but he knows that I know he has a freckle what ever you call it on his chin" I said "then we'll tell him you thought it was him and you didn't get to see well because I was facing my back to you." "Okay" I said and we both walked to the living room and Grayson came in through the front door "Grayson we need to talk" I said "are you breaking up with me" he said "no it's something else me and Ethan need to tell you" "ok what is it" Grayson asked
*skip convo*
"Wait you thought Ethan was me" I nodded "and you accidentally kissed him thinking it was me" I nodded again he let out a huge breathe "thank god" he said me and Ethan looked confused "wait what" me and Ethan said at the same time "at least it wasn't with anyone else then yeah I would be made but if it's my brother I understand we look exactly the same but just don't do it again okay" Grayson said me and Ethan nodded "ok now I'm hungry so I'm gonna eat that sandwich that is just laying there" Grayson said "hey that's my sandwich!!" Ethan said getting up and running towards Grayson
Boys I thought to myself and I laughed alittle I'm just glad I still have Grayson

I'm sorry if it sucked but I hoped you liked your request 💘 and there may be some bad spelling sorry

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