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Hey guys so I'm gonna make another book about Magcon and maybe put the Dolan twins it depends

If you want me to put the Dolan twins comment and tell me if I should or not

Ok so the book is called Magcon Werewolves and I was inspired by baby2k_hayesgrier   book Magcon and Werewolves and if you haven't read it I suggest you go and read it now her book is amazing she's a good writer so she inspired me to write a Magcon werewolves book thing lol other good writers have also inspired me to write books like these so thank you so much

And I got 2k reads on this book thank you guys so much you guys are the absolute best ❤️😘

So ya go follow baby2k_hayesgrier and go read her book please 💕

And once I begin my book I'll tell all you wonderful people

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