He asks you out (Nash)

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Ughh school is so boring like even being popular is boring 3rd period ended so that means I have P.E. Next then I go to Math 4th period
I was playing football with Hayes and Tez and I of course I won
I went to go take a shower in the girls lockers room
I got out and changed into different clothes I walked out and I saw
Hayes holdings a bouquet of flowers? Hayes handed me the flowers I smiled and took them and he told me to follow the blue and pink rose pedals on the ground I followed the pedals and once the line of pedals were at a stop I looked up and see Nash in a tux holding a bouquet of flowers I smiled and walked towards him " hey"I said "h-hey" Nash said nervously why? I've known him all my life "ummm you wanted to see me"I said " um yeah I was gonna ask you something" he said " well I'll wait I'm not I'm a rush take all the time you want" I said " ummm Ok will you y/n go out with me?" Nash
Asked looking down nervously " I should probably go just forget i-" I interrupted him by kissing him on the lips thank God he kissed back he is a good kisser I pull apart " yes I will go out with you" I said smiling at him and Nash smiling the biggest smile if ever seen I pulled Nash in for another kiss
'I'm so happy'

I'm sorry for this short imagine I hope you guys liked it

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