You get your period and spend the day with him and skylynn(Hayes)

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Today was just not my day I woke up and when I got up from the bed I saw a little tiny dot of red ughh I got my period today yay!! (Notice the sarcasm)
I Took a shower and changed into different clothes and washed my other ones that I stained I went downstairs and I couldn't find Hayes why?!!!
I saw a paper on the counter I picked it up and read it

I'll be back in a bit I just went to go check up on skylynn I might even bring her because she misses you!
Be back in 5 minutes
Love you!     
                 Love,Hayes :)

Aww I miss skylynn too
I sit on the couch and I turn on the tv and watch sponge bob
When I'm on my period I don't really have any mood swings I'm just normal but at times I will get cramps and stomachaches which is natural but ehh
"Y/n!" I hear an adorable voice say "hey skylynn where is Hayes?" I asked "he's getting some stuff so he dropped me off to be with you so you won't be alone" she said one thing I like about skylynn is that she always says the honest truth she doesn't lie and she is always the one to make me smile but so does Hayes
"Do you want to build a fort?" I asked skylynn "yeah!!" She said excited "ok you go get the pillows and I'll go get the blankets and then you and me with go get the food together ok" I said "ok" she said she giggled and got the pillows while I got the blankets then we went to the kitchen to get the food
"Ok sky what do you want" I asked
Opening the cabinets full of candy
Her eyes lit up and she grabbed skittles,m&m's, starbursts,sour patch kids,and jelly beans
I giggled "let's make a candy salad" Sky said I nodded and when we finish we watched Cinderella and got into the fort eating the candy then Hayes came and smiled at us "want some candy?" Sky asked Hayes "yes I would like some candy" Hayes said we made some room for him to come in the fort and we had spent the whole day watching movies and eating junk food

Hope you guys liked sorry for not updating
Bye my lovies

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