Jack Gilinky {Requested}

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Jack was taking me on a date today and I'm happy we hardly have any dates because he's always on tour so that why and I'm so happy be and Jack have been dating for 3 years already "Monica are you almost ready?" Jack said from the living room "yeah just let me put on some shoes" I said back I put on some black high heels to go with my black dress lol I walked downstairs and saw Jack once Jack saw me his jaw dropped "close your mouth your gonna catch flies" I said giggling "shall we ma lady" "we shall" we said walking out and getting in the car
*skip car ride*
We got to the restaurant that Jack reserved for us and it looks really expensive "Jack it looks to expensive" I said to him "don't worry it's on me and I wanted to do something special for you for today and everyday" he said "your all I need" I said smiling at him and he smiled back "we are still gonna eat here babe" "ok" I didn't really want to eat here mainly because I'm 2 weeks pregnant and I was planning on telling Jack today we sat at our reserved table and ate some food I had weird cravings that made Jack look at me weird "are you ok Monica umm you don't normally eat applesauce with bacon and peanut butter " he said laughing "anyways I wanted to asks you something" Jack said getting something out of his pocket and kneeling down on one knee "Monica your the best thing that has ever happened to me I will always love you and will never in my life hurt you emotionally or physically I love you so much Monica will you make me the happiest man and marry me?" He said I was crying tears of joy "yes!" I said everyone around us were clapping "Jack" I said "yeah" he said back "you know how you've always wanted to have a kid" "yeah" "I'm pregnant" I said and he kiss me softly on the lips "I'm gonna be a dad" he said smiling

I hope you liked it for MrsJackGilinsky96

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