New Years Kiss (Ethan)

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Today is New Years and I'm hoping to get a New Years kiss but unfortunately that will never happen I was with my two best friends Ethan and Grayson we were just hang out at their house right now me and Grayson were playing Black Ops 3 and I was winning the game last for 40 minutes because I won and it was that easy to kick his ass lol anyways Grayson left to use the bathroom and I wasn't gonna wait for him so I went to see what Ethan was doing I knocked on his door and and Ethan opened the door only to be shirtless DAMN!!! Ok y/n be cool
"Hey Eth what you doing?" I asked him "I'm trying to come up with some ideas for mine and Grayson's new video this Tuesday" Ethan said "well I'm no expert but why don't you guys do a Q&A and ask the fans to send you question of what you guys liked most of 2015 and what you guys want to do in 2016" I said Ethan smiled "yeah thank you y/n I'll tell Grayson about" he said I smiled and he smiled back "well I'm gonna go find Grayson ok" I said "ok" he said and I left his room and went downstairs to go look for Grayson
"Hey Grayson since we are in New York why don't we go and do the count down thingy since there is nothing better to do" I said "yeah we should go I'll go ask Ethan ok" Grayson said and I nodded
A few minutes later Ethan and Grayson both came down "ok are we all ready to go" Ethan said Grayson and I nodded and we all grabbed our jackets sweaters whatever you call them lol and we headed out the door
*skip car ride*
Once we got there there were a lot of people so we just decide to stay in the back because first I'm with THE Dolan twins and second I hate being in the middle of the crowd where your the only one with no one for a New Years kiss so yeah that's why
We were waiting and it's almost 12:00 so we started the countdown "5...4...3...2...1! HAPPY NEW YEARS" everyone shouted and the next thing surprised me Ethan kissed me our lips were moving in perfect sync we pulled apart and smiled at each other "y/n I've been waiting to do that for a long time" he said "y/n will you be my girlfriend?" He asked I smiled the biggest smile ever and I nodded We hugged and then pulled apart and we realized where's Grayson? And we turned around and he was like practically making out with a girl Ethan and I looked at each other and laughed Ethan held my hand and I held him and we walked back home "hey Ethan since your gonna need and ideas next Tuesday I think you found one already" I said pointing at our intertwined hands and pointing at Grayson and his new girlfriend Ethan smiled at me laughed a little and nodded his head this day couldn't have been better!

Hope you guys liked it and go follow Dolanxfever she is the one who gave me this idea so go and follow her
Bye all you beautiful people and thank you for this year I made some friends one here and you guys have made this year good it wasn't the best but you guys sure did make it a good year for half of it and I love all you guys and I hope 2016 will be a better year for me and all you guys I love you!!!! And happy New Years!!!! 😍💘❤️😘☺️

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