He cheats (Nash)

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Nash and I were just sitting not really knowing what to do well I had nothing to do he was texting someone for the past 30 minutes and hasn't said a word to me "hey umm babe" I said "hmm'" he said still not taking his eyes off his phone "why don't we do or go somewhere" "umm sure I guess" he said I signed and got off the couch "umm babe" nash said "yeah?" "can I go out with the boys?" he asked I just looked at him "sure whatever" I said and I walked upstairs I heard the door open and close and I just scoffed I was bored so I called my friend jazmine

(J=Jazmine Y=Y/n)

Y=hey jazmine

J=hey gurll what you up to?

Y=nun I was wondering if you wanted to go to the mall with me?

J=umm Sure im bored anyways ill be there to pick you up in 5

Y= okay bye gurl


I got up and got ready once I finished changing i grabbed my phone and saw that jazmine was already here so I locked the front door and walked towards jayleens car

"hey gurl" "heyyyy" I said back "so where to first?" she asked "starbucks?" "starbucks" then we left and on our way to starbucks

"so hows nash?" she asked "weird" "why?" "he's just been acting weird" "how weird" "he's always going out with the boys and cant keep his eyes off his phone" i told her "ohh well im sure it'll be ok" "me too"

we arrived at Starbucks and i saw the boys there but not nash okay we walked in and i walked towards the boys "hey guys" i said they turned around and smiled at me "hey y/n" shawn said "and theres my favorite girl in the world" hayes said walking towards jazmine they may or may not be dating everyone else said their hey's "umm where's nash?" i asked them "we don't know why?" aaron said "because he said he was with you guys" "nope he was never with us" they said and i started to worry "then where the hell would he be" "i think i know" Cameron said "know what?" "where he's been, here's the address 6980 Apple Street (just making it up) he's been going there alot lately i had just happen to catch him going here i dont know why we all really dont know why but this is where he is" cam told me
"Thanks cam" i said smiling "no problem" i asked jazmine for her keys and left
*skip car ride*
I found the place and got out of my car
I knocked on the door and no response i knocked again and the door slightly opened i walked inside "hello?" no answer i walked upstairs and opened the doors no one was in there and i checked the rest except one i opened it and saw nash making out with another girl
Nash noticed i was infront of the door and quickly got off the girl and walked towards me "babe its not what it looks like" he tried to grab me but i backed away "really then what does it look like!?" i said with tears in my eyes "babe im sorry" "sorry that you kissed her or sorry you got caught" and he stood silent "thats what i thought" i turned around and started to walk out "wait!" "no!" "wait please" "no nash you lost your chance its over" "y/n please dont do this give me another chance please" and with that we never saw each other again yeah i still hang with the boys but nash i dont

Hey guys im sorry i havent updated in a while thank you guys for 16k last time i checked we were on 14k you guys are all amazing thank you guys it means alot

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