Your being bullied (cameron) BSM

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Age (14)

Today was the worst day of your life.
It's not like you've had a lot of bad day everyday it's just this one day when everything had gone the wrong path. Well first of all you failed your Math's test at first you thought it was going to be easy but of course it was harder than you expected. The second reason was right when your finally period ended you were pushed up against the locker by Jessica and her squad ( I'm sorry if your names Jessica it's only for the preference)
They have always hated you because you were Cameron Dallas sister you had trouble making friends because people would just use you to try and get with Cameron.
So right when you tried to get out of Jessica's grip she just pushed you harder on lockers (again I'm sorry if your names Jessica)
Her and her squad started saying things to you "your pathetic" "your a slut" "nobody loves you" "Cameron doesn't love you" that one comment hurt you and that's when you ran home crying tears streaming down your face thoughts ran through your head Does he love me?Has he been lying to me?what if Jessica's right?Cameron would never say he doesn't love me or is that a lie too? Thoughts were running through the your head until you finally got home you just ran straight to your room
Once you got to your room you went to the bathroom
You grabbed your razor when you heard the front door open then a familiar voice called you "Y/n!" That's when it hit you that voice belonged to your brother Cameron
You just ignored him and raised the razor to you skin you were half way until you felt someone wrap their arms around you and started taking you out of the bathroom also taking the razor and flushing it in the toilet
And sitting you on your bed once you look up there stands your brother Cameron tears falling down his cheeks you were still crying and there was a minute of silence until Cameron spoke "why y/n?" You didn't answer "y/n I need to know why you were just about to do that to yourself!" And that's when you broke "B-Because everyone at school hates me I get bullied everyday because I'm your sister today I was bullied these couple of girls were saying mean things and they w-were saying you don't l-love m-me and I believed them I-I'm s-sorry cam" "why have you never told me that you were being bullied?" His voice cracking at the end "because your always on tour and when your on tour it gets worse and I didn't know how to tell you because your always busy" you say still crying Cameron sits down next to you opening he's arms and you jump right into them never wanting to let go.
"Y/n always know I'm here for you you can tell me anything ok I love you so so so so much just promise me one thing y/n" "what?" "Never ever try doing what you just were about to do a few minutes ago ok" "ok.i promise" you said tell him the truth "I love you so much y/n never forget that" "I love you too cam" and since that day the girls got expelled nobody bullied you and you made some friends and never ever since you haven't cut all because of your brother Cameron the one who has always stood by your side.

(I'm sorry it's so long I hope you guys liked it! 😁)

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